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10 best Amazon keyword tools that every Amazon sellers need

Have you ever wondered why Amazon sellers employ long keyword product titles that no one reads? They may be incomprehensible to most people, but Amazon’s algorithm understands them. You can maintain track of your organic and paid search inquiries in real-time with keyword research tools like Helium10. You may also keep an eye on your competitors’ SEO strategies and use the best keyword tool Amazon to acquire a competitive advantage. Suppose you are weary of watching your competitors’ products rank higher on Amazon than yours and losing sales to them. In that case, it’s time to employ a dependable keyword tool to guide your Amazon SEO efforts. The correct tool can help you develop keyword ideas, spot trends, and assess the competition.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

For search engine optimization, Google Keyword Planner is a must-have tool. You may use the tool to track keywords and compare trends whether or not you are an SEO expert. Its keyword suggestions may not be the most effective for Amazon because it isn’t meant for it. Nonetheless, it is a valuable tool for guiding your pay-per-click advertising. It offers a hyper-local search capability to look up keyword volumes in specific locations.

  1. Keyword Tool

One of the best aspects of the Keyword Tool is that it is entirely free to use. You won’t have to download or install anything because it’s a web-based tool. The program generates appropriate keywords for your Amazon listings using an autocomplete feature. It will provide alternate search terms as you type keywords into its search bar.

  1. Helium10

Helium10 helps Amazon sellers with keyword research and monitoring. You can track both organic and paid keywords in real-time from a single dashboard. You can see product ranking statistics for boosted keywords by the hour for ten days using a function called Rocket Boost.

  1. AMZ.One

AMZ.One is a set of tools designed for Amazon sellers like you who want to boost traffic and sales. It contains a keyword rank tracker that allows you to keep track of your items’ daily rankings. You can choose any keyword for which you’re currently ranking.

  1. Data Hawk

Data Hawk can help you uncover keyword opportunities and improve your organic ranking using artificial intelligence semantic analysis. It may also provide the Competition Score of keywords, allowing you to assess which are worth ranking. You can find keywords with Data Hawk before bidding on them for pay-per-click campaigns. It can save historical data, allowing you to view and analyze data from weeks and months ago.

  1. Ahref Site Explorer

Ahrefs can provide you with extensive and precise data for your keyword research. It can show you the organic keywords, backlinks, top blogs ranking for your keyword and pay-per-click campaigns your competitors use. The keyword tool includes an extensive database that contains over seven billion terms. Ahrefs Site Explorer is an excellent option if you need a lot of data for your keyword research.

  1. Merchant Words

Merchant Words provides a more in-depth analysis of consumer desires and trends. You may better understand the competitive landscape and design successful online campaigns to help your business prosper by using its keyword tools and services. The program combs through 11 Amazon marketplaces and presents you with all the information you require in a simple, easy-to-understand format. On Merchant Words, you may pick and choose which markets you want to use.

  1. Sellics

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword tool from Sellics. It offers a database of more than 180 million keywords and includes search queries from all Amazon product categories. It may also estimate the volume of searches for each keyword. You can use this Amazon keyword tool to see which product listings need improvement. You will also get suggestions for product titles, descriptions, and bullet points from the tool.

  1. SellerApp

SellerApp is a one-stop-shop for optimizing Amazon listings, PPC campaigns, and product prices, among other things. With over 135 million keywords in its database, it’s easy to find high-volume, low-competition search terms to target. To assist you in identifying the proper keywords for your products, they provide filters and match type selection features.

  1. Keyword Tool Dominator

Dominator provides a free Amazon keyword research tool. You can use it to figure out what terms people are searching for when looking for your products. Up-to-date search queries can be found across Amazon divisions and marketplaces.

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