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12 Summer Wedding Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of

Summer is a most wonderful season for a wedding, and there are so many ways to make your day unforgettable. With so many wedding ideas for summer out there, you might find yourself a bit unsure of how you’d like to style your day. From outdoor wedding ideas for summer to creations for an indoor summer wedding or even a beach event, there is so much that you can do. However, once you are settled on the general theme, it is much easier to decide on everything else. 

The warm weather during a summer wedding provides loads of inspiration, from wedding reception drinks to the food menu, florals, table settings and more. We’ve put together some of the best summer wedding ideas that can help you create the wedding with the coolest ambiance to contrastand counteract the scorching UV rays and high temperatures. From creative cocktails to the right color scheme for the wedding, seasonal florals and greenery for the décor as well as for shade and more. You can pull of the summer wedding of the season to the enjoyment of your guests and success of your wedding day. 

  1. Consider an Updo Hairstyle

During summer themed weddings it’s a great idea to have hairstyles that don’t involve your hair touching your body. This would improve how you feel throughought the day as you’d definitely feel less sticky with humidity proof hair. A braided hairstyle for a boho theme could also be a cool choice if the hair is kept off your neck and face. 

  1. Give Out Beach Bags

If you are having a summer outdoor wedding, it would be a helpful idea to give out welcome beach bags to your guests whether the wedding is by the beach or not. These bags could contain outdoor summer wedding essentials such as bug repellent, bottled water, little savory and sweet snacks, sunscreen, a hand fan, band aids, and anything else you desire. 

  1. Consider Alfresco Dining

One of our favorite summer wedding ideas is to dine outside in the open by way of taking advantage of the weather. If the weather is mild enough, then this could be a fabulous idea for an evening wedding reception. Night outdoor wedding decorations could include cute basket lanterns hanging from the ceiling, or fairy lights strung in a romantic canopy. 

  1. Custom Beach Towels

A summer wedding by the beach would be needing a lot of beach towels. One of our simple wedding ideas for summer is custom beach towels. Each guest could get one or two in fun pastel colors. Leave them in their rooms or hand it to them upon entry. 

  1. Create a Flower Wall

If you are considering outside wedding ideas for summer, then a beautiful and refreshing wedding décor would be a floral wall. This organic backdrop can be made out of seasonal blooms that would brighten up the place and also serve as a classic prop for fantastic wedding photos. Also a lovely spot to say I do. 

  1. Consider a Neutral Color Palette

A fresh and neutral color palette can be a great choice for a summer wedding. Darker shades can put a damper on things when it’s so warm already, but neutral and white tones would look perfect with slight pops pf bold or pastel colors such as blue, yellow or even coral. 

  1. Have a Light Menu

Among our wedding reception ideas for summer is a lighter and fresher menu than usual. From seasonal vegetable for salads to grilled chicken, turkey or fish, summer rolls and a light sauce. You could even serve coconut water at the drinks station as a refreshing beverage. 

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  1. Consider Fun & Festive Favors

A summer wedding spells fun, lots of it. So consider gifting your guests fun favors that they could use at your wedding. This could include items such as sunnies, fedora hats, and more. 

  1. Airy Fabrics for Bridal Attire

Whether you’re choosing a long sleeve wedding dress or not, it is a good idea to consider airy fabrics for your bridal attire and that of the bridal party. Lighter fabrics will flow in the light breeze and keep everyone cool instead of sweaty and uncomfortable. 

  1. Display Fresh Fruits

People crave for anything fresh and light when it’s hot outside. You could consider displaying fresh fruit and bite size snacks. Anything with strawberries, raspberries and even watermelons can be a winner. 

  1. Serve Signature Cocktails With Popsicles

Wedding themes for summer are all about fun and refreshment. Serve your guests their cool cocktails with a popsicle in each glass and edible flowers. These would not only be refreshing, they would also call for more instagrammable photos from your wedding. 

  1. Consider Decorating With Balloons

Balloons definitely add a touch of fun and playfulness to any event, and summer weddings are all about fun. For a sophisticated and clean look you could choose to stick with only white, silver and gold balloons. You could also just break all the rules and go with bright and fun party colors. 

The summer is one of the best times for a wedding. Keeping your guests and the weather in mind, there are so many wedding ideas for summer that you could put together for a most memorable and fun time. From light color schemes to even lighter refreshments and fun and organic wedding décor, your summer wedding can be everything that you dreamed of and even more. 

Author: Anastasia Beluschenko, with a specialty in wedding dresses, joined Wedding Forward over five years ago. She knows everything about wedding dresses from styles to trends, fit, and designers. Her great sense of style makes it easy for her to expertly predict the newest and hottest wedding dress trends. For leisure, she loves court tennis and stretching.

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