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25th Island of Greece (Rhymes with Among Us): Amorgos

Amorgos, the 25th island of Greece, became trending on the internet when the Among Us community asked each other to Google, “25th Island of Greece”. 

Rhyming with the game of teamwork and betrayal, Amorgos is a Greek island that became an internet sensation. 

At first, people thought that the island was getting the internet’s attention due to its breathtaking beauty, but in reality, it’s just a meme. 

Amorgos: The 25th Island of Greece

Amorgos has now become a meme (no offense to the Greek) because the name Amorgos, rhymes with the Among Us, one of the most trending games on the internet. 

Every once in a while, a meme is trending on the internet and everyone’s talking about it. Those who don’t know about the meme, are curious to know what it’s about. 

Most of these memes ask you to Google something. When they ask you to Google a term or a question, you’re curious, you go to the internet and Google it. 

In the case of this meme, we assume someone from social media i.e., Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch asked you to Google “25th island of Greece”. 

How Does The Meme Work?

Let’s say you’re scrolling through social media and you see a post asking you to Google “25th Island of Greece. For your convenience, Let’s google it. 

Hmm. “Amorgos”. Ever heard of this name before. Does that ring a bell? Well, Doesn’t Amorgos sound like Among Us??? (Kinda sus, right?) //Pun intended. 

The meme community thinks that it’s hilarious to send someone on Google and make them search this term to only let them know that the island rhymes with their favorite game.

Among Us: A Game full of Betrayal

Among Us has been pretty popular on the internet among so many players. Developed by the American game studio Innersloth, Among Us is a game of trust and betrayal. 

When the game starts, all the players are on a spaceship. Every crewmember on the ship has to complete the assigned tasks. One of those crewmates is an imposter whose job is to kill everyone without being caught. 

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The simple yet so interesting concept of this game was so admired that the game has taken over the internet by storm. 

Now that we know about the meme, let’s learn more about Greek islands. 

Amorgos: An Incredible Greek Island

Some people thought that Amorgos island was getting internet fame because of its mesmerizing beauty but the question is, Is its beauty worth getting attention of the internet? Let’s dive in to answer this question. 

To describe the breathtaking beauty of Amorgos, Nikos Gatsos, a great Greek poet said, “Big black sea, with so many pebbles all around on the neck, so many colored precious stones in your hair”

Tourists from all over the world head to Amorgos in the summer to spend their holidays. The reason why is that the place is inhabited. If you’re riding from a ferry, you’d have to wait around 8 hours from the port of Piraeus. 

Traveling to Amorgos on a ferry is a whole different experience. Throughout the ferry-ride, you get to experience one of the most beautiful islands and sea sights in the world. 

25th Island of Greece: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, the internet’s most frequently asked questions are answered. 

What is the 25th island of Greece?

The 25th Island of Greece is Amorgos. The name Amorgos rhymes with Among Us which became an internet meme just recently. Belonging to the Cyclades Island Group, Amorogos is the easternmost island of this group.

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