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3 Great Herbs to Add to Your Routine

Did you know that there are many health benefits linked to herbs? Most of us know that including a variety of holistic supplements and vitamins into our daily routine will improve our overall quality of life, but what about including herbs? In this article, we discuss three herbs and their benefits, as well as ways you can easily incorporate them.

Holistic Supplements and Vitamins: 3 Great Herbs To Add to Your Routine 

1. Thyme

In addition to being a wonderful aromatherapy herb, Thyme has a number of health benefits, including the ability to enhance memory, ease muscle tension, fight off colds and flu, and relieve headaches and flu symptoms. It also contains a high level of carvacrol, a compound that acts as a natural tranquilizer and also has tonic effects on the nervous system as a whole.

Although, there are many natural blended herbal products containing Thyme, one of the easiest ways to gain the benefits of Thyme is to make Thyme tea. Take a sprig of fresh thyme with eight ounces of carrier oil (such as olive oil). Then, crush the sprigs in a pestle and mortar and steep in hot water for approximately 15 minutes.

2. Cilantro

You may be surprised to find out that cilantro is one of the most versatile and healthy herbs you can take. Although its leaves and stems are edible, they contain higher levels of aldehyde than the rest of the herb. Crushing the leaves will reduce the amount of aldehyde in the herb, making it more pleasant to taste. Crushed cilantro can be used in recipes to give dishes a citrusy flavor.

For best results, grind cilantro well before using. Store in a tightly closed glass spice jar or mason jar. Sealing the jar will draw moisture from the deepest parts of the plant, rehydrating the outer layers. Once you’ve finished processing your herbs, you can dry them.

3. Parsley

Among the many benefits of parsley, it has been known to protect the eyes, as it contains two antioxidants, carotenoid compounds, and vitamin C. This herb is also high in vitamin A, which is vital for skin health and can reduce the risk of skin cancer. It can also fight off signs of aging on the skin, and it contains vitamin K, which protects bones by increasing bone mineral density.

Some researchers have even linked parsley to the prevention of osteoporosis, which can occur as a result of high calcium intake. Parsley also contains high amounts of folate, a B vitamin that plays a vital role in protecting the heart, as well as antioxidants. Parsley is a wonderful addition to almost any dish and can be used in a variety of ways.

We know that you will see a positive impact with these three herbs in no time. Including them in your daily health routine will no doubt improve the quality of your life. However, like most things in life, to see success, consistency is key. And with changing one’s health, being consistent is even more significant.  

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