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3 Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

If you are an athlete of any kind, you know that your muscles are important. They are crucial to any and all movements. Exercise is just as important as recovery. Your muscles need time to recover from what they are asked to do. Most athletes at some point have had some kind of injury to their body. For some, it was a small injury that took a few days to recover but others may have had serious injuries that took a long time to fully recover from. Those with serious injuries were not able to play for an extended amount of time and likely went to a Rigby physical therapist to quicken up their recovery. Regardless having an injury as an athlete can be stressful as you have to be away from your sport. If you have a small injury, below are some things that you can do to help your muscles recover. 


Get Enough Rest

Sleep is vital to your health. It is needed for our body to function properly and gives your body time to rest and recover. When you are sleeping, during certain parts of the sleep cycle your body creates a growth hormone. During this time more blood is going to your muscles, allowing for tissue growth, repair, and regeneration. At one point during your sleep cycle, the muscles in your body relax. This helps alleviate pain and tension that are held in your muscles. Without sleep, your physical and mental health will suffer. 

Eat Properly

If you want your body to recover, you need to be sure that you are eating enough. Food is fuel for your body that helps it to achieve all the things it can do. Food in general is good but not all food is created equal. This means that some foods are better than others for our bodies. You want foods that are rich in nutrients and protein. Protein is what makes your muscles grow and aid in the recovery process. Always make sure that your body is properly fueled when it comes to strenuous activities. 

Get a Massage

When it comes to massage, many consider them to be for pleasure. But there are a lot of benefits to getting a massage. It is a great way to get into the tissue and break up any toxins that are being held in the body. For some, a massage may not be financially feasible but there are other ways to get some of the same results. Investing in a massage gun is a great way to massage your muscles from home. Foam rollers are also able to help you get into your muscles and stretch them out. 

Muscle Recovery is Important

Muscles are what makes you capable of moving and doing all the tasks that you need to. You need to do things to care for your body and muscles so you can enjoy life. Getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, and using tools such as a massage gun are great ways to help your muscles recover.

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