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5 Most Mystifying Things You Might Not Know About Women Clothing

Today’s woman is educated, empowered, competent and successful, she is no less than a man and can work with them shoulder to shoulder. Things haven’t been like that for women since forever, this transformation has taken several decades and a whole lot of strong headed women to carve a niche for themselves, pave way for many more young aspiring girls and make people believe in gender equality. But there is still a lot more to do and a long way to go for women in this unforgiving misogynist’s world of men with fragile egos. Women have to put up with these men in every department they go to and have to work hard constantly in order to maintain the position and it’s just these men women have to put up with. The level of misogyny is very deep seeded and a very good example of this is women’s clothing.

Life is tough and hard-hitting for women in general, she has to deal with periods, gives birth to children, is responsible for their upbringing and all the household chores are also her obligation. But there is nothing more irritating, annoying and disparaging than the choice of dresses and clothing items that are manufactured for women. These clothing articles are designed more for style, fashion and revealing skin rather than practicality, comfort and warmth which the aim objective of men’s clothing. This discrimination has been rooted deep and the void is just getting bigger and worse so its high time that we women raise are voice collectively so that the dresses designed for us are made more practical rather than fashionable.

I know all the women who are empowered, independent and educated know what it’s like to shop for women’s clothing in any shop they go to. The designers have no qualms in designing clothes that look super uncomfortable and impractical but sure will look sexy, hot and oh-so chic. In this article I will highlight 5 of the most mind-boiling things that I find in all the clothing of women and that needs to be changed ASAP!


The 5 most Mystifying Things about Women’s Clothing

Firstly, I feel so proud, enabled and pleased that it’s finally time we women speak up for ourselves and change the world to make it a better and more equal place for ourselves. Women who are in powerful positions don’t really give a damn and wear whatever they like but those women are few and far between. We need to make ourselves comfortable by wearing practical clothes and not wear men’s clothes. We refuse to wear the branded shit which is pricey, low quality and unrealistic. Let’s look at some of the bewildering things women have been putting up with all this time!

1.  Clothes are Stylish but not Practical

Since the dawn of time, women have been objectified and considered as a thing of desire. This regressive thought process has reflected very well in the clothes designed for women by the men.  They just want to make us feel sexy and hot so that other men can get excited and attracted to see us. But as women this is the last thing that we want! Every wondered why we take so much time in trying rooms, well we are not just trying clothes are seeing ourselves in mirror, we are actually checking the clothes from every angle possible so that by no chance we have to deal with any prying eyes when we are catching a bus or shopping in a mall or doing work in our office. I feel so enraged to see that we still have to deal with these impractical clothing!

2.  The Material in Too Thin

As I mentioned earlier, for men us women are objects rather than living creatures so they design clothes for us that are so sheer and thin to wear even in summers. Go to any shopping store, put your hand under a shirt or blouse or dress and you are bound to see your hand peeking through. The fabric is so thin and see-thorough that it’s just too embarrassing, offensive and impractical. Wearing these clothes make girls so conscious and mindful that they are unable to concentrate and flourish. This is even true for winter clothing items as if we are not human and we can’t catch cold!

3.  What’s with the Pockets?

I don’t understand why designers think that women’s clothing items don’t need pockets. I mean pockets are put in clothes to make them practical, useful and handy. But for us women, we are not worthy of pockets in our clothes and even if there are pockets they are closed ones, they are there just for the design! It just baffles my mind and boils my blood that we are supposed to carry a handbag in order to keep all the essential items, why can’t we have enough pockets?

4.  Too Complicated to Wear

Women’s clothing is mostly designed with fashion, trends and style as a priority. This thought process makes things really convoluted for ladies as sometimes even a simple looking dress is so difficult to ace that it needs a separate set of instructions to follow. Why can’t we wear simple clothes that are easy to come in and out of? Another horrendous thing about women’s dresses is that the sizes are just so limited as if we are just not supposed to gain weight or have curves.  What’s with this obsession of women being skinny! Please we want more plus sizes!

5.  Too Tight Clothes

The clothes available in the market for women are too tight, uncomfortable and fitted. These clothes restrict the easy movements of any person. The thought process that women are supposed to be a certain size or weight aligns perfectly with the fitting of the clothes. Just like men, we too want to dress casually, dress down, and feel relaxed, laid back and comfortable as we are also human, sorry to burst your bubble!

Ending Lines

These are just a few discriminations that I mentioned here, but the good news is that things are changing slowly but surely around the globe. Online stores like Miss Lola have made a conscious effort to make sure the quality of the clothing is high, the sizes are inclusive and fittings and varied and the women’s clothing are a perfect amalgamation of practicality and style.  

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