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8 key benefits of coworking office space

Coworking space can be utilized by small or large businesses, individuals and freelancers alike for their work. By opting for a coworking space, one can enjoy not only a permanent office address, but also other exclusive advantages such as a canteen facility, and a clean and sanitized work environment, among others. In fact, by renting an office space one will get the right setup to run their business in a professional environment. 

Let’s discuss and understand some major benefits of having coworking space in Bangalore for your business, and how they help your business to succeed. 

Here are 8 key benefits of coworking office space

Business network: A distinctive advantage of coworking spaces is that you can collaborate with professionals and like-minded people, under one roof, for not just community engagement activities but also for your business projects, recruitment requirements, business idea, or other business-related implementations and processes. Coworking spaces offer various professional workshops and seminars to help their members collaborate. Such a collaborative space is important for you to drive your business ahead. 

Premium office address: As coworking centers are located in central business districts or prime business hubs where there is no difficulty in accessibility, you can get a prestigious office address, with added benefits, when you take up a coworking space. Additionally, the location advantage extends to having entertainment and recreation centers in close proximity apart from renowned organizations from various industry verticals. Hence, having a furnished office on rent can give the right message to the prospective client. 

Work flexibility: Employees working in coworking centers will enjoy the benefit of hybrid or flexible offices. As one can choose the day and time and get there to work with flexible lease. 

Privacy: Meeting clients in coffee shops or at home is cumbersome as it may lead to invasion of privacy whereas a coworking space can provide you a private cabin or managed offices where you can work independently. Contrary to the popular belief of coworking spaces being crowded, there are separate workstations where you can meet your prospective client or teammates, without any disturbances. 

Reduced business expenses: Having a private office for a small business can be costly but working in a coworking space can save a lot of money especially in terms of administrative or overhead costs. Furnished offices can also help small business owners or individuals and freelancers to reduce the overhead costs largely due to the inclusion of additional amenities required to run the office smoothly, at no extra cost such as rents, electricity bills, office maintenance, and breakout zones. 

Prevents loneliness: A coworking workplace helps the mental wellbeing of workers where they get to meet new people and build their professional network. The aesthetic and functional managed offices help to reduce stress and also improve interpersonal skills.  

Community engagement: The environment of a shared working space is such that it offers personal and professional interactions with a community of different mindsets, knowledge, and skillsets. Having a collaborative workspace provides opportunities to learn new skills, and upskill, and boosts the productivity of an employee. Shared office spaces organize many creative and productive events. Participating in events and activities along with a vibrant community is a great way to enhance work life balance. 

Productivity: According to many surveys people working in coworking spaces are more productive than working in an office or home. Renting a coworking space instead of an office can help boost focus level by outweighing the extra cost of an office and getting better benefits and productivity. You can also get 24/7 services in many coworking spaces which also helps to increase productivity. 

Summing up

A coworking space provides a new perspective to your business and your employees. If you are looking for a coworking space that is both comfortable and efficient, then a reliable name is iKeva. iKeva provides serviced offices, coworking space and virtual office, all fully equipped with best-in-class amenities along with office space to work and collaborate, that is essential for your business to succeed.

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