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We make a statement by the sunglasses we choose to wear on a daily basis, without even saying a word. Sunglasses are considered by many to be the latest fashion accessory as well as a way to express their individual style. Sunglasses can complete an outfit while offering the benefit of shade for your eyes even on the brightest of days. Read on to learn about the different lenses, frame materials, frame shapes and more to find the perfect sunglasses to suit your style.

UV protection

So first let’s start with some basic information about why wearing sunglasses can be important for our eyesight, aside from making a fashion statement of course. Sunglasses are crucial for those exposed to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) light, especially during outdoor activities and bright weather.

They help protect the eyes and the delicate skin around the eye area from harmful UV rays. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can become a causative factor for conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and eye growths, including cancer. So, with that said, there are two types of ultraviolet light to be aware of:  UVB and UVA.


UVB rays are extremely intense and the leading cause of sunburn and cancer, as well as being extremely dangerous to the eyes. They are mainly strongest in the summer months between 10 am and 4 pm. Although this is when they are at their strongest, they also have the ability to burn or damage skin and eyes throughout the year. UVA rays  , on the  other hand, are much less intense. However, they are between 30 and 50 times more common than UVB rays.

Most sunglasses offer UV protection that helps protect your eyes from permanent sun damage and cataracts. The recommended standards for UV protection offer at least 60% UVA protection and at least 70% UVB protection. The protective coating is applied to the lens portion of the sunglasses during the manufacturing process and the lens tint does not affect the strength of the UV protection itself, so whether you prefer light or dark tints, the protection UV will remain the same.


Polarized lenses offer many beneficial advantages and should at least be considered when purchasing sunglasses. The way polarized lenses work is by blocking light rays that would normally enter your eyes after reflecting off surfaces. The light that enters the eye after passing through a polarized lens is already filtered, causing the wearer to see in a different way that reduces glare, reduces eyestrain and offers better vision overall.

Polarized lens technology can eliminate the effects of glare by blocking reflections, which in turn improves driving safety and comfort on the eyes. It also allows one to observe their surroundings without having to squint. Squinting to see clear images stresses your eyes and can even create uncomfortable eye health issues.

The polarized lens can neutralize this problem and allow the eyes to feel more comfortable and rested. One last cool feature that polarized lenses offer is that they can reveal colors and images like never before. Experience a crisp, clean level of detail that can often surprise you.

Frame shape There are endless selections and variations of premium sunglasses available to fit any and all styles or activities. Here we have a wide selection of different types of frame shapes, so rea

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