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All you need to know about how to earn 8 ball pool Paytm cash online

The online gaming industry has become quite different than before. With technological advancement and the digitization of the industry, it has become more accessible and fun. One of the most popular online games at the moment has to be 8 Ball Pool. 

The good thing about playing online 8 Ball Pool is that now you get a chance to win money as well. While avid pool players have already started making their money online, newcomers are in luck as well. This article further refers to all the rules you need to know in order to make sure that you win 8 ball pool Paytm cash.


The objective of the game

The 8 ball pool mainly plays with 16 balls, out of which there is one cue(white) ball and one 8 (black) ball. The rest of the 14 balls are divided into two suits, stripes, and solids, with seven balls in each suit. The board has 6 holes in total, four on each side and two in the middle. 

Your objective is to pot the balls of your suit and finally pot the 8 ball using the cue stick. However, you can only pot the 8 ball once you have potted all the other ones in your suit. The first person to pot all the balls wins the game, and the better 8 ball pool Paytm cash. 

Rules of the game

At the start of the game, all the balls, except for the cue ball, are aligned in a triangle formation on the other end of the table. The striker has to break the game. If you cannot pot any balls on the first hit, the opponent gets a chance to choose a suit of their choice by potting the same. However, you should know that the first strike does not let you decide on the suit. 

Whether you have potted one or more balls, you will have to secure that suit in the next round. If you pot a ball, you will play the subsequent round, or the opponent gets a chance to play. If you pot the 8 ball in the first strike, the game will get re-racked and start again. 

The majority of the players forget that there is a time limit to how long you can play your turn. Missing that will mean the opponent gets a free chance. This is why if you see your time running out and cannot place the cue stick to pot a ball, you should just hit a ball of your suit. This will deter the chances of the opponent getting the cue ball in hand. 

Understand the common fouls of the game

  • Potting the 8 ball:

Before you start playing 8 Ball pool online, you need to understand what you should not do. Some of the common fouls in the game include potting the 8 ball. For instance, if you pot the 8 ball before you finish potting your coloured balls, or if you pot the 8 ball anywhere other than the chosen pocket (only in specific tiers) will result in your opponent winning the match. 

  • Ball in hand:

This is another instance where the opponent gets to decide where the cue ball should be placed in the round. Some of the common fouls that might lead to this include:

  • Running out of the specific span of time for your round. This will mean that you have passed on your round, and the opponent gets the cue ball in their hand. 
  • The cue ball hits the opponent’s coloured balls.
  • The cue ball does not hit your coloured balls at all
  • The cue ball hits your suit of balls, but they do not touch the railing. 
  • In higher levels, potting the ball in any other pocket than your chosen one.

These are some common rules of the game. Committing any one of them can cost you your whole game. You should ensure that you avoid such basic mistakes, more so when you are playing for a significant amount of 8 ball pool Paytm cash. 

  • Illegal break:

According to official rules, if a player is unable to get 4 balls to hit the railing at the break, it is considered an illegal break. However, it is on the players at the table to decide if they should restart the game or continue playing. If they decide to continue, the first player will lose their turn as it is a foul. 

While playing 8 ball in real life can be quite fun, online platforms are making them even more enticing. If you are confident about your skills and are looking to win 8 ball pool Paytm cash, you should indulge in playing a few online rounds without any delay. 

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