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All You Need to Know: Outdoor Bean Bags

What good is outdoor furniture if you don’t have the right accessories to complement your outdoor designer setting. We believe outdoor bean bags are the perfect way to do so. Cosh Living offer a range of high-quality outdoor bean bags from Coast New Zealand that are comfortable, flexible and durable. Coast outdoor bean bags are designed and made from marine-grade Sunbrella fabric. This means you can have peace of mind knowing they can withstand prolonged exposure to the Australian elements and continue to look fantastic.

Designing your outdoor area can be super exciting, however, it’s important to not get carried and buy furniture on impulsive instincts. If you aren’t sure where to start when beanbag shopping, continue reading this blog for tips on how to choose the right outdoor beanbag for you. 

Choosing the Right Outdoor Bean Bag

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right bean bags for your outdoor living area. Would you like the colour to complement the rest of your garden furniture? Or would you prefer a bright coloured outdoor bean bag to make a statement?

How do you intend to use your bean bags? Do you want to lie down or sit upright and read a book? Will they be used by adults or mainly for kids? This will determine what size and shape you will need.

Most importantly, the fabric of your bean bag needs to be very durable in order to live outdoors. Coast New Zealand bean bags are top of the range and are guaranteed against fading. They are made from high quality materials including Sunbrella fabrics which are designed for awnings and seating on the most beautiful yachts.

Maintaining Your Bean Bag Covers

Now that you’ve found the perfect bean bag you want to make sure you are taking care of it appropriately to ensure the longevity of it. Fortunately, because our bean bag covers are made of high-quality durable material it really doesn’t take much on your part to keep them looking clean and new. 

Our first piece of advice is to always store your bean bags away when they are not being used. Now this doesn’t mean putting them away at the end of each day. We highly doubt that you’ll be bothered with this after enjoying a long summer day soaking up the sun. However, it does mean that if you’re going away for an extended period of time, or they are not being used during winter, they should definitely be put away. 

By storing your bean bag inside you’re protecting it from rain and concentrated airborne pollutants which can land and collect on your covers. Moreover, when it rains, and your bean bag is left damp for days it can eat into the fabric like acid. 

If you live in a super humid climate, it’s also just as important to be storing your bean bags away during periods of unuse. Consistent exposure to high levels of moisture will eventually get the better of your bean bag. It can lead to unhealthy mould and mildew growth, which not only looks horrible but stinks as well. On top of this, it can be very difficult to remove. So, you never want to let your bean bags get to this stage. Taking us back to our initial point, to always store your bean bags in a dry place when they are not being used for extended periods of time.

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