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Bathroom Upgrade Ideas For First Time Homeowners

After you’ve purchased a property as a first-time home buyer, one of the most important things you need to do is turn it into a home. Because the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, it’s prudent to spend money on making this area as appealing as possible. The following options are low-cost renovation ideas for first-time purchasers that you should be aware of.


Consider painting your bathroom walls to renovate this area. Painting your walls eliminates wear, tear, and scuff marks, allowing you to realise the potential of the space. You may select from various appealing bathroom colours, such as creamy white, light blue, and soft grey. 

Painting your bathroom is a fantastic idea because it’s cheap and ensures you don’t spend too much on the look of your restroom.

Acrylic Shower Panels Are Great To Use

Acrylic is an excellent choice for a bathroom shower panel since it is simple to clean and is ideal for shower panels. As a result, you may install colourful acrylic splashbacks in your bathroom to prevent water damage to the walls. Shower splashbacks are easy to install and are highly sanitary. 

You can also use acrylic for various other purposes in your bathroom. Replacing your shower curtain with an acrylic shower screen and adding acrylic sink splashbacks are two more ideas that might be worth considering.

Replace Broken Fixtures Or Furnishings

For people on a tight budget, one of the quickest and easiest methods to update their bathroom is to replace some furniture and hardware. To give your bathroom a contemporary, new feel, you may update your sink faucets, light fixtures, drawers, and towel racks. Replacing these items may seem unimportant, but they can make an impact on the appearance of your bathroom.

Invest in Big Tiles

Tiles are increasingly popular with house owners, so you may use them to brighten your bathroom on a budget. Larger bathroom tiles result in fewer grout lines, making your bathroom look cleaner. They also cover a wider area, so fewer tiles are required. These tiles are simple to set up and save money on labour and expenses.

Another new trend is the use of polycarbonate.

Clean Your Grout And Caulk

Grout and caulk are overlooked but are key bathroom components. Grimy caulk and grout may give unsightly viewing that detracts from the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. However, cleaning your grout and laying straight caulk lines around your tub and sinks can liven up your bathroom area. Grout and caulking are inexpensive, making this an easy way to freshen up your bathroom.

Storage is A Must-Have

Enhance a bathroom’s appeal by storage, so looking for innovative storage solutions for your bathroom is worth considering. You may install a medicine cabinet above your bathroom sink to bring usefulness and elegance to this space.

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