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Best Bitcoin Wallets For 2022

Bitcoins have been in the market for quite a long period now. It has been made sure that they will be in the circuit for a prolonged period. The companies dealing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins have started to become more careful about it. It has become like a niche investment for the traders who are willing to get into the sector of virtual assets. However, is it really safe to keep the money open in all kinds of fluctuations of 2021 and the years coming by? Well, we knew that you would want some safe option for your Bitcoins. We are here to offer you the names of some great Bitcoin wallets and things to know about Bitcoin exchanges to keep your assets safe!


  • Exodus offered different kinds of exchange services for cryptocurrencies not only for desktop devices. It provided options for laptops and android phones. 
  • The features included the live charts and the built-in exchange functions. The portfolio data of Exodus has turned out to be great for the investors as well. 
  • You will not be required to use multiple wallets if you are using Exodus as your prime wallet for Bitcoins. 
  • Exodus has been able to provide hot wallets for software users as well.


  • Just like for Exodus, Electrum is another type of hot wallet. It was launched just two years after Bitcoins launched into the internet platform. 
  • Private key encryption is present in Electrum which can be used by the traders whenever they like. 
  • The Bitcoin transactions in the case of Electrum allow you to make purchases between more than two wallets. 
  • Traders to carry out their preferred trade in Electrum through encrypted features.


  • Unlike the ones which have been mentioned above, Opolo is among the wallets which will give you cold options. 
  • Opolo has its own kind of hardware which can be used by the investors. 
  • The investor does not need to pay any kind of fees to the platform for getting a wallet. Crypto assets can be stored in this platform even if the person is offline. 
  • The platform has also offered a wide range of random keyboard access, encapsulation of PCB, and even virus-free updates. 
  • Ethereum wallets are set up with the help of Bitcoin wallets to make sure that the investor can move between the two in terms of exchanges. 
  • Backup and recovery for the assets are available at this moment.


  • Mycelium is one of the hot wallets which was formed in the early dates of 2008. It is among the hot wallets in the market which can be used regularly by investors. 
  • There are options like cold storage and purchase which can be used by Bitcoin investors. 
  • Inter-wallet operability can make it very easy for the crypto-owners to make their investment in virtual assets. 
  • Mycelium can be downloaded free of cost by the investors. It can support Bitcoin and some other kinds of cryptocurrencies.


  • Cobo has been able to provide a digital cloud wallet for Bitcoin coins. 
  • The multi-facet authentication along with hot and cold storage in the market. Institutions can also make use of this system in the market. 
  • However, you have to remember that if you need the hardware crypto storage, it is not the right place to look for. 
  • The new-age investors can make use of the perks of 180 tokens. Both iOS and Android users can make use of the Bitcoin wallet to their benefit.
  • 40 types of coins are supported by the wallet and private keys are also available for the new traders in the field.


The Bitcoin wallets are very helpful for the new investors in the market. There are records of each coin being spent in the market. The exchanges are noted down very carefully. Coin security is not compromised in any of these cases. The sender and receiver have copies of the details of the coins which are sent in the system. The users can make use of this system to keep their Bitcoins safe in their wallet. Along with this, some added benefits can be used in the case of the Bitcoin wallets as mentioned. The wallets which have been mentioned in this case can be used by novice traders as well. Offline assets can be handled quite easily with this as well.  

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