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Best Coaching Certification for Coaches in Singapore – Four essential things to consider before you choose one

The process of coaching has a vast history in one’s professional and business life. However, it’s only in the past few years that coaching has been identified as a profession. And to assist this change, global practices got developed, and coaching credentials got created. And to make sure that coaches have all the crucial tools with them, the world has come up with numerous coach training and certification programs.

The coaching certification course awareness is increasing. And today, there are more tools accessible than before. Hence, one can say that coaching has a bright future. But this fast expansion has also witnessed an absence of formal regulation, resulting in scams and dishonesty. Therefore, if you want to train as a coach, you need to evaluate the training program correctly. Since you will have to invest time and money into it, it’s always better to do your homework. Here are a few things to consider:


Is your coaching certification accredited?

There are coaching bodies that provide coaching credentials, such as the CCE or the ICF. Such bodies have created specific requirements for the coaching training providers to ensure that their curriculum aligns with the best coaching practices. These providers need to get the accreditation and should also renew it from time to time. The accreditation acts as a business license which is essential for coaching training. Ensure that your certification program is coach-specific and training doesn’t get provided by any company. To know more about it, you can check out

Do the trainers have the credentials?

There are coaching bodies that award specific coaching credentials as well. Hence, when you opt for a coaching certification program, you need to know whether the trainers have the correct coaching credentials. Make sure to check the credentials they possess. It is essential as a person should be a subject matter expert for teaching others about the same. When it comes to the coaching domain, the expertise gets evidenced by attaining the coaching credentials. And for achieving that, the coaches need to have the know-how and complete training and log the coaching hours with their clients.

Does the quoted price include mentoring? Do you have to pay extra?

Will you get a mentor as a part of your coaching certification program? If yes, you need to check whether its cost is included in the certification program, or you have to pay extra. Several coaching programs add an extra price for mentoring. And others include mentoring within the quoted price. It’s always better to choose the latter.

Will you be able to talk to your trainer?

Is it possible for you to converse with the person who will train you? And even if there is no need for you to talk every day, can the coaching institute arrange for a call when needed? You need to ensure this before saying yes to a course. It enables you to avert the “bait and switch.”  It will ensure that you speak to the trainer who the institute advised for in the training module and program.

These are a few questions that you need to consider before you are opt-in for a coaching certification program.

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