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Bringing Home a Puppy Soon? 7 Things To Look For in a Professional Breeder

Do you want to pick out the perfect puppy to bring home to your family? If so, you will need to find a professional dog breeder who can work with you to meet your pet parenthood needs. The guide below will find the top seven tips to search for when picking out a professional dog breeder.

Keep reading to find the right dog breeder and bring home a lovely puppy for you and your kids to enjoy. 

Dog breeders with one litter at a time

Raising puppies takes plenty of effort, and the best dog breeders do not have time to effectively raise more than one litter at a time. When breeders have multiple litters, they tend to act similarly to puppy mills. As such, you won’t get the healthiest puppy possible.

The breeders interview families and provide the best environment for each pup

The best breeders talk to families to learn more about them and what type of home environment they can provide for a puppy. Essentially, the interview process becomes a two-way street. You can ask the breeder all your questions, but the best ones will pick out the right family for their puppies.

For example, the Snowy Pines White Labradors ( is a reputable dog breeder who requires an application to adopt their dogs, ensuring each pup goes to a loving home. 

The dog’s parents are two years of age or older

Veterinarians will tell you that breeding dogs should occur when canines are somewhat older. Therefore, pick out a breeder with puppy parents who reach at least two years old. The healthiest puppies need to have healthy parents, which breeders can only determine once the dogs have finished maturing.

Dog breeders who have the puppy parents available on-site

The best dog breeders will have your puppy’s parents available at their homes. Usually, you can at least see the mother before picking a breeder. The male parent might not be present, but you should ask questions about both parents. The best breeders will introduce the puppy’s parents.

The puppies get raised indoors

You will need to avoid breeders who raise puppies in kennels or outdoors. Puppies grew indoors and got exposed to normal human activities and even children. You do not want an isolated pup who lacks socialization opportunities in the first few weeks. Nonetheless, the puppy should have spent time outdoors with a dog walker.

You cannot bring the puppy home until eight weeks of age

Puppies who leave their littermates and mother too early tend to show aggressive behaviors or fear and anxiety. So, the best breeders do not separate puppies from their families until they are at least eight weeks old.

The puppies undergo all necessary healthcare testing and vaccinations 

You can look up the type of health testing required for your puppy’s breed. Good breeders share the diagnostic information and the vaccination records of their puppies.

Final word

If you want to get a healthy and happy puppy into your home soon, find a breeder with the above qualities. Soon enough, you will play with your new pup at home.

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