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Catching a break when you’re feeling blue

Everyone goes through some times when they start feeling down or blue out of sudden and they don’t know what they can do next to make themselves feel better. Sometimes it happens without knowing the reason why, and in some other occasions it is because something happened in our lives.

Many people feel unmotivated after a holiday or a break, it might turn out to be a difficult challenge to get back to the reality of working, studying, and assuming other responsibilities. When we feel down everything can make us fear and doubt our capacity to go through it. Workers may face the pressure of new projects. On the other hand, students may face the pressure of taking tests among others.  

Surely, we would prefer to maintain a good mood, to feel like attending endless parties, and the excitement of creating new projects. That’s why you shouldn’t allow these feelings to dominate your life. Instead, you can take action to counteract them. Here are some ideas to start.


Find motivation

Finding motivation to cope with negative emotions might seem impossible. Students are particularly prone to lose interest during exam time. So, they need an extra effort that helps them take their attention back to what really matters. Moreover, some important tests are set for the first quarter of the year and it is important to speed up academic performance.

So, what to do to feel motivated and overcome anxiety? It all starts with organizing your time. You can create a calendar with short tasks. So, every time you accomplish a goal you can mark it and reward yourself. That sense of achievement will motivate you to go for more. If anxiety persists, you can find a group to study. And most importantly, make sure you eat and sleep well.

Take a break

It might seem contradictory to take a break when you feel like you’re wasting your time by feeling unmotivated to do things but it is quite the opposite. This time you should think about a “real vacation”. Now it would be time to enjoy a time to relax and discover new places that help you energize. That can surely pump up your mood and find another side of your feelings. Some good alternatives might include beaches, mountains, or national parks. You should try road trips with your friends or even on your own. You can visit local places or even go abroad. When you are traveling abroad, get your documents ready, equip yourself with an international driving permit for better driving experience and hit the road. While you’re driving you will have time to reflect on yourself and your life and perhaps change your point of view about many things.

Enjoy nature

These pandemic days probably forced you to spend more time at home than usual. So, the best antidote to overcome the unpleasant feelings might start with enjoying nature. Start by sunbathing on the balcony to invigorate your body. Also, consider using the time to walk shoeless in the park or go hiking to nearby mountains. Also, go to the beach and play with the sand, swim, and enjoy the time. This leisure time will take you back to life by reminding you of the good things about life.

Move your body

Exercising is crucial to increase your level of energy. Fortunately, you don’t need to take part in a marathon or become a bodybuilder. By taking long walks, some minutes of Yoga, or stretching, you will get some benefits. You can also start biking with motorized bicycles. It depends on your resistance. But you can take this time to start a routine that goes with your lifestyle. It is necessary to do it regularly to receive the benefits. And don´t forget your brain as part of your body. It is also a muscle and you can play, memorize, and nurture your brain to help you cope with hard times.

Final words

Many people might feel down suddenly for whatever reason. However, whatever the name and explanation, these days you need something that motivates you to get back on your feet. What we mentioned above is an excellent way to start. Hence, you can assure that the rest of the year will be nothing but good!

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