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CBD or Kratom: Which Is Best For Improving Sexual Performance

Kratom(Miytragyna Speciosa) is a native South-Eastern Asia plant member of the Rubiaceae family in the plant kingdom and a close relative of the coffee plant. Traditionally, kratom powder was used for medicinal purposes like muscle pain relief, coughing, and infection treatment. The herb comes in powder and capsules form.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the second most prevalent cannabinoid of cannabis. It is derived directly from hemp, a relative to Marijuana. It does not exhibit any intoxicating effects by itself, nor does it have the potential for abuse and dependence.

Like Kratom, CBD is used for medicinal purposes like pain relief, anxiety management, and insomnia treatment. It is available in vapes, oils, extracts, patches, capsules, patches, and topicals.

Both CBD and Kratom are legal substances in most places and can be bought in physical stores and online. Although there are differences in how users react to CBD and Kratom, there is a similarity in their use for improving sexual performance. They each have distinct characteristics that contribute to improved sexual performance in the following ways.


Pain Relief

Chronic pain impacts sexual performance in various ways. It can be due to the pain itself or other symptoms triggered by the pain, such as reduced sex drive, stress, and mood disorders. By treating pain, CBD and Kratom can help improve sexual performance. 

Kratom contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which readily binds to the opioid receptors to relieve pain through agonistic activity. The pain-relieving ability makes it ideal for people with conditions such as fibromyalgia.

CBD has been used to treat chronic pain such as endometriosis because of its anti-inflammatory abilities. Through this kind of pain management, endometriosis patients have a chance to enjoy sexual relations without the agony of pain.

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Sexual satisfaction and performance are affected by energy, delayed ejaculation, prolonged climax, and increased sexual desire. Kratom has been credited with helping improve these factors and has been used as a sexual performance enhancer.

Studies also suggest that cannabis which CBD is a component of, may activate a part of the brain that controls sexual arousal. According to this study, CBD may help people with a low sex drive as an aphrodisiac.

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Anxiety Treatment

Our sexual performance is primarily a factor of the brain and being at ease greatly determines satisfaction. Sexual performance anxiety can be a result of stress or sexual dysfunctions. 

Anxiety deterred sexual satisfaction. Kratoms ability to bind with opioid receptors and give a feel-good aura displaces sexual anxiety and allows the user to concentrate and enjoy sex. 

CBD can also ease this condition due to its relaxing properties. Preclinical tests suggest that CBD can help treat generalized anxiety and panic disorders.

Conclusively, CBD aids in achieving sexual satisfaction by inducing a relaxing mental state free of stress and anxiety.

Stimulant and Energy Booster

Kratom is an effective stimulant and energy booster. Users can kill fatigue by chewing its leaves to give complex stimulant and opioid-like analgesic effects. It contains Flavonoids, terpenoid saponins, and other glycosides combined with mitragynine, thus helping fatigue elimination.

This stimulating and energy-boosting capability allows individuals to improve sex duration and a longer climax for satisfaction.

CBD as a substance has a biphasic effect on users. At a lower dosage, it has a stimulating effect and a sedating effect at a higher dosage. When used correctly, CBD gives a stimulating and energy-boosting effect essential for achieving sexual satisfaction and performance.

Sensations and Lubrication

Lubrication and sensation sensitivity is vital for sexual satisfaction and performance. Although Kratom may not directly boost lubrication, its pain-killing ability promotes lubrication for users with penetration discomfort(Dyspareunia). While this condition might result from other factors, Kratom use reduces the pain, allowing for undisturbed natural lubrication.

On the other hand, THC easily binds with cannabinoid receptors in the reproductive organs and sexual tissue. This causes increased sensitivity that triggers sensations and lubrication. As a mood booster THC binds with cannabinoid receptors enhancing a neurotransmitter called anandamide. This mood change boosts the secretion of lubrication fluids necessary for satisfying sexual experiences.

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Who is the Winner?

Kratom and CBD play an important role in enhancing the sexual experience. Since each product reacts uniquely with every user, clearly stating the winner can be hard. Both have beneficial properties that make them ideal for memorable and satisfying sexual experiences. 

Although preliminary studies support and trt doctor using these herbs in managing various conditions, it’s important to know that research is still ongoing. So, please do your research to understand these natural treatment alternatives and know what to expect from using them.

But before using any of these products, consult your doctor for professional advice. Also, make sure to source your CBD or Kratom from a reputable source for better satisfaction. 

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