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Choosing a Powder Coating Stripper

The first step in powder coating removal is selecting a stripper. Some strippers are available in the form of gels or aerosols. Usually, the best option is to spot-test the stripper on a small portion of the object before applying it to the entire piece. Once the spottest is successful, you should coat the whole part with the chemical stripper and leave it for at least one hour before the part is ready to be painted or re-painted.

D-Zolve(TM) 1012 is a fast-acting paint stripper and powder coating stripper designed in immersion tanks. It quickly dissolves the coating, eliminating the need for high temperatures and energy-intensive burnoff. It is also compatible with most metals, plastics, and silicon substrates. It is also environmentally safe and compatible with most materials, including metal, ceramic, and glass. The D-Zolve product has low surface tension and is non-flammable.

Miles 8659 Gel is an innovative powder coating stripper. It contains an alkaline formula and is water-soluble. It can be used as a solvent or mixed with other alkaline strippers to remove powder coatings. It should be mixed with water to make it more effective and shipped in a D.O.T.-regulated tank. The MILES product #8659 is also a safe option for those working with aluminum powder coatings.

Benco B17 is another popular powder coating stripper. It is not as fast as Benco B17, but the product smells better. It does not burn the skin on contact and is more affordable. It can be used for removing powder coatings on most types of metal. You can order it in a variety of sizes and quantities. You can purchase it in quantities – five gallons, 30 gallons, and 55 gallons.

Miles worked extensively with silicates and solvents before he came up with his solution. Miles also tested various types of high-temperature polymers. However, these ran into a few problems. The most efficient way to use Miles’ stripping solution is to apply it in a vented hot-strip tank. The solvent can be disposed of easily, and it’s non-hazardous.

Benco B17 is another industrial-grade liquid chemical stripper. Its high concentration of methylene chloride allows it to completely remove a powder coating in as little as 20 minutes. When using Benco B17, take extra precautions to protect yourself from burns. Do not apply this product with a flow or a continuous pump system. Apply it using a brush instead. After applying the chemical, you should avoid touching your skin with the stripper solution.

Another powder coating stripper option is sandblasting. This process removes the powder coating from a surface without damaging it. However, this method can be slower and more expensive, especially for recessed areas or sandblasted parts. Sandblasting requires a sandblast room large enough to handle the largest parts. Sandblasting can also take a lot longer than a batch burnoff oven. However, it is also environmentally friendly.If you seek paint stripper or rust removers? You can consult with Solvent Replacement for more information.

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