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Choosing the right washer as a wise consumer

Washing machines are a modern-day convenience that anyone and everyone must have in their homes. Doing laundry has become less of a chore for the average Australian thanks to the top-of-the-line washers. Their new and exclusive features are added every other day, with new versions being launched, each promising better traits.

It begs the question, which one do you pick? Front load washers or top load washers? The two options are primarily available on the market and equally compelling in terms of pricing across various brands, and both have their own individual aestheticism, belonging to different parts of the house.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on deciding why front load washers are better and the reasons/criteria behind selecting them:

1)Which cleans different kinds of clothes better?

When it comes to accessing every corner of an article of clothing that we choose to toss into the machine, the FLWs have a definitive advantage over top loads because of the fact that in the front load, the turbine is able to effectively rotate the drum, contacting all contents equally

2) What consumes lesser water and energy?

It is an important thing to keep in mind, especially here in Australia where water is scarce and isn’t readily available throughout the year and is very expensive as well. Besides, there’s also the environmental concern of excess water usage. Front load washers have limited requirements of water compared to their top-load counterparts that need to fill up water to the drum’s brim.

3) Easier flexibility during installation

If there’s one thing the modern-day modular homes don’t provide are, enough room to place huge voluminous top load washing machines that are particularly known for their bulky build. Opposed to this, the compact and cosy FLWs can be placed remotely anywhere even if there isn’t a direct water pipeline supplying it with water. It can be dismantled and assembled with much more ease than its counterparts. They also can be stacked on top of each other due to the low vibration. They wouldn’t damage the components either.

4) Drying capability

Another problem with modular homes is the inability to dry their clothes on clotheslines. This is why front load washers, whose turbines spin 33% faster than their water-guzzling counterparts, can extract more water more quickly and thus leave the clothes dryer as well. It also does this with good stability, less operation noise, and easier maintenance.

5) Ease of Maintenance

Moulding, rusting, poor smell- are all common issues one might face when using washing machines of any sort, but when the two are compared, there are lesser problems in front load, even in these select criteria and as a result, are preferred even in this regard.

Thus we have looked at some basic factors that help us in deciding which is the way to move in terms of picking a washing machine, and it is abundantly clear to us now that for more reasons than one, a front load washer is preferred.

It is important to read up on the pros and cons of the different machines available on the market, thoroughly educate ourselves on what functionality is required where and accordingly make a conscious decision as to what washing machine we need.

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