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Cleanworks – a fresh and prompt cleaning service from Australia.

Cleanworks provides companies all throughout Australia with ongoing, one-time, and specialty commercial cleaning services. They presently employ 300 cleaners who handle over 450 locations on a daily basis. Clean Works AU typically serves workplaces, industrial sites, schools, and aged care homes, but they also frequently handle companies and major organizations of all kinds.

Their objective is to provide a high-quality cleaning service that is dependable, efficient and adapted to the specific needs of each client. They strive to be the best by delivering a service that is marked by exceptional responsiveness and customer care, consistent and transparent quality control methods, and the relentless exploration of new ways to enhance outcomes and save money for their clients. 

Cleaners with years of experience 

They exclusively use qualified, experienced cleaners who are familiar with your site’s unique needs. Before starting work with Cleanworks, all potential cleaners go through a full orientation, are subjected to criminal background and referee checks, and are evaluated on their English language skills. Candidates are then put through competence and assessment testing to ensure that their practices are in line with Cleanworks’ quality and service requirements. The cleaners are uniformed, identify themselves if necessary, and are only dispatched to your location if we are completely convinced that they have completed all of the aforementioned requirements. 

Communication that works 

The account managers are available to you for as long or as little as you require. You may always contact your account manager without having to go through the cleaner if you have a query, a concern, or an emergency (though they do encourage you to get to know your cleaners too). They will contact you through phone and email on a regular basis to verify that everything is working smoothly, and they can be reached directly at any time. 

Standards that are enforced 

They will not accept subpar cleaning and they expect their customers to do the same. Cleanworks has a team of professional trainers to ensure that new locations are cleaned to the agreed-upon standards right away. To guarantee complete transparency of their service standards, they conduct frequent audits of each site’s cleaning and document this information in performance reports that they send to you. Additionally, their cleaners are audited on an individual basis to ensure that they are upholding the high standards that Cleanworks requires. 

The price is correct. The best option. 

Cleanworks recognizes that many businesses are on a budget, and they specialize in carefully designing cleaning schedules to match your site’s demands while staying within those parameters. They never promise more than they can deliver, but they frequently draw on their years of expertise to devise a unique strategy that allows them to reduce overall cleaning hours while still fulfilling your compliance requirements and maximizing the visual impact of our service. 

Not a transaction, but a relationship. 

Cleanworks isn’t the type of cleaning company that works hard to get your business before moving on to the next one as soon as you sign a contract. Clients that have been with them for a long time are their trademarks. They understand that getting a site’s cleaning to function smoothly takes a lot of effort, and even then, you can’t take your eyes off the ball. They plan to spend time analyzing your site, evaluating their cleaners’ performance, obtaining your input, and, if necessary, diagnosing and fixing any issues that occur. This isn’t an unanticipated annoyance; it’s simply delivering the service you were promised upfront. 

Conclusion:- If you want to enhance the quality and consistency of your organization’s cleaning, get in contact so they can talk about a solution that is suited to your specific issues and needs.

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