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Environmental Chamber Basics & Benefits of Environmental Testing

With evolving needs, technologies are changing as well. To cater to these ever-changing needs, new equipment is always being introduced into the market. One such instrument is the Environmental Chamber, which is used to test durability of products in accordance with different environmental conditions. This article will enable you to learn about the basics of environmental chamber as well as how exactly is environmental testing beneficial. 


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What is an Environmental Chamber

An Environmental Chamber, also classified as a climate chamber, is an enclosed instrument which is used to observe and test the effect of different environmental conditions on a number of products ranging from electronic devices to industrial products. These chambers are a very efficient way of testing the durability of different products in accordance with the variation in the environment of different regions around the world.

How does an environmental chamber work?

An environmental chamber, such as that produced and supplied by LISUN, undertake a variety of mechanical processes. The instrument consists of a refrigeration unit to cool as well as an electric heater to heat up the chamber. This directly regulates the temperature inside the chamber so the effects of its change can be easily understood.

Depending on the requirements of the test to be conducted, these chambers vary in size from small units to large chambers which you can walk into. These chambers have video feed which enables users to visually inspect he sample during the testing process. Along with size variations, environmental chambers also have various user control options spanning analog indicators to LCD displays with digital readouts. These chambers can also be programmed by computers as well as be enabled through the web for users to get a proper analysis of their products. 

Types of test chambers

A variety of test chambers exist to study different aspects such as humidity, thermal shock, ageing, corrosion and waterproof capabilities amongst other characteristics. Here, we will briefly look into two types to get a better understanding.

If we look at the waterproof test chambers, we see that they can be utilized to test out small electronic products such as electrical cabinets and lamps. Under stimulated climatic conditions, it measures how the products fare against water and moisture. Salt spray testing chambers, on the other hand, looks at how various components and electronic parts fare against corrosion. 

Environmental Testing

These chambers undertake environmental testing, whichconcludes if a product meets a certain criteria set by its manufacturer or not. It is a valuable step in designing, improving as well as factory inspection of products.

Benefits of environmental testing

Environmental testing is essential to determine if a product can endure exposure to different environments and essentially determine its strength. Through simulation of various climatic conditions, the longevity and reliability of a product can be effectively tested. It helps pinpoint weaknesses in the design or performance of a product that could take place at extreme weather conditions. This in turn, lets you analyze the possible causes leading to the products issues. Environmental testing also helps meet and even exceed the specifications and requirements that are to be fulfilled by the product according to set regulations. 

From a financial perspective, environmental testing helps reduce warranty costs and avoid costly recalls. This saves a company’s resources, time as well as money and aids in maximizing their profitability by ensuring that the products released in the market are up to the industry standards.We can conclude by saying that, in this day and age, environmental chambers and consequently environmental testing is pertinent for industries to release efficient products into the market. This aspect will surely help them realize and better their problem areas as well.

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