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Experienced Criminal Lawyer Winnipeg

Our knowledge and experience cover all aspects of the criminal law sector. Sheldon Pinx, who was made a Queen’s Counsel in 1991 and is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished defense attorneys in Canada to this day, is the man in charge of the company. Due to Mr. Pinx’s an experienced criminal lawyer winnipeg with extensive competence in the area of the defense of all types of criminal offenses, he has appeared before all levels of court in Canada, including the Supreme Court.

A defining characteristic of the court system in Canada is the availability of legal counsel to anybody who requests it. If you have been accused of committing a crime, you have the right to a fair hearing or trial, as well as the right to have a lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled on your side throughout the proceedings. These legal protections underlie all of the work that we do here at Pinx & Company. We are a legal practice that specializes in representing clients in criminal defense cases.

Pinx & Co., which has its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, takes great pride in the reputation it has earned as a criminal defense law firm, having represented clients in a wide variety of different types of criminal matters. Since our establishment in the year 2000, we have helped hundreds of customers with their legal issues and given them advice throughout the process. When a person is suspected of committing a crime, they often get the impression that their whole existence has been turned upside down. You should not attempt to traverse the complexities of the criminal justice system in Canada on your own. This is not a task that should be attempted alone. Allow Pinx & Co. to assist you in developing a solid and efficient legal defense on your behalf.

Driving Offenses

To be able to go to the locations you need to go to in Canada, such as your work, school, medical appointments, or other obligations, you need to have the ability to drive on the country’s highways. Therefore, having to deal with a driving violation may be quite stressful. At Pinx & Co., we represent clients in a wide variety of driving cases, including those involving speeding fines, license suspensions, and driving while disqualified. Clients who have been accused of more severe driving violations, such as driving while inebriated or carelessly inflicting physical damage, are also defended by our firm.

Assault Cases

Depending on the specific allegations that are leveled against the accused, the consequences of being accused of assault might range from mild to severe. Different types of assault, including simple assault, aggravated assault, and sexual assault, each need a unique defence strategy since the accused individual may be accused of any of these crimes. We are able to provide you with an explanation of the many legal distinctions and assist you in developing a defense that is commensurate with the circumstances of the case.

Charges with Weapons

Because the regulations regarding the usage of weapons and their registration are so stringent in Canada, having a firearm in your possession comes with a number of extremely significant implications. implications. duties. Whether or not the violation was deliberate, the fact that any of these laws were broken might still be considered a criminal crime. We are able to provide you with legal representation and guidance on your rights in the event that you are accused of possessing, using, or storing a firearm or another kind of weapon.


A person always has the option to file an appeal after being convicted of a crime. If you have been found guilty of a crime, we are able to assist you with the preparation of an appeal, in which you will ask the court to either reverse the finding of guilt or rethink the punishment that was handed down. We are able to guide you through the appeals process and explain what you may anticipate before the deadline for filing an appeal passes.

Safeguarding Instructions

If there has been a threat of physical violence against one of the parties involved in a domestic dispute, the courts may decide to issue a protection order that places restrictions on the parties’ ability to communicate with one another. These kinds of directives are treated extremely seriously by law enforcement and the judicial system. Whether you are the person who is applying for a protective order or someone has filed a protective order against you, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities so that you can protect yourself and avoid doing anything that would violate the order. If you are the person who is applying for a protective order, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities so that you can protect yourself.

Regarding Young People

If a juvenile is accused of committing a crime, the laws and procedures that apply to minors will be quite different from those that apply when an adult is accused of the same act. We at Pinx & Co. are aware of the fact that being accused of a crime can have a significant impact on a young person’s future, particularly if they do not have access to legal representation from an attorney who focuses on cases involving juveniles and will do their best to resolve the situation without going to court.

Attempts To Contact Us

Do not go through the legal process on your own if you are involved in a criminal case that requires legal assistance. Make contact with Pinx & Company. Our team of highly knowledgeable lawyers has a combined experience of many decades, and they are able to point you in the proper direction. Today is the day to call or come see us.

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