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What kind of Floating Entertainment Center Should You Buy? Choose the Best and Most Suitable Floating Stand!

Are you looking to buy a floating entertainment center for your room and can’t decide which one or what kind to buy? We got you. 

In this article, we will discuss all kinds of TV stands and how you can choose the best floating TV stand for your room. 

A floating entertainment center is fancied by those who want clean spaces and clear floors. Most of today’s wall-mounted entertainment centers eat a lot of space. Since most people don’t have unlimited space in their homes, they like the idea of a floating entertainment center.


What is a Floating Entertainment Center?

Floating Entertainment Center, also known as Floating TV center is a wall-mounted cabinet that creates the illusion of a floating effect. Firstly, a floating entertainment center is good for aesthetics, and also it takes less space leaving you with some extra room to spare. 

Image Source: Pixabay

With rooms getting smaller and smaller, there isn’t much room left for traditional TV stands. People like to have spacious rooms. Traditional wall systems take a lot of floor space, and not only that, they look old and outdated and are very expensive as well. 

A floating entertainment center, on the other hand, takes way less space and gives your room a sleek, modern look. 

Common Features of a Floating Entertainment Center

Floating entertainment centers have highly practical features like LED lighting, shelves, hidden storage, and lots of drawers. Unlike traditional TV centers, floating entertainment centers allow good cable management.  

LED Lighting

We all are fans of LED lighting. Different types of lights (when other lights are off) create an aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable scenery. With floating entertainment centers, all of this is possible since most of them come with built-in neon or LED lighting. 


Nowadays, floating entertainment centers come with shelves that give you some space to put your stuff on them. You can put your books there along with other things that you want at palm’s length. Shelves come in handy when there isn’t much room left for a dedicated bookshelf. 

Drawers and Hidden Storage

The traditional TV stands also did come with drawers but they took a lot of space and were old-fashioned. In the case of floating entertainment centers, there are lots of drawers that feel like hidden or free space. 

Improved Cable Management

Floating entertainment centers facilitate you with well-organized cables. Unlike traditional TV stands, a floating entertainment center has room for cable management so that none of your cables are missing or entangled. 

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With all these features, you can definitely conclude that floating entertainment centers are a way better choice than traditional TV stands that look old and take lots of space in your living room. 

Best Floating Entertainment Center

Now that we know what a floating entertainment center is so now, it is time to tell you about the best types of floating entertainment centers that are available and ready to buy in the market. 

We have compiled a list of floating entertainment center by picking the best of the best. 

Concrete Floating Entertainment Center

A concrete floating entertainment center keeps your living room simple and spacious. With the concrete design, it’s a diverse touch to your style and keeps your style unique among others. 

Image Source: IKEA

This kind of floating entertainment center is not actually wall-mounted. You have to put it on your floor and it creates an illusion that it is floating and mounted on the wall.  With this kind of floating entertainment center, you don’t have to worry about mounting and installation. It is sleek, simple, and easy to move, and take care of. 

Geometric Metal Floating Entertainment Center

This is one of the most unique floating centers out there. It has metal body making your room look sleek and modern. To put the cherry on top, the metal body and doors are textured that makes the design look geometric and a modern piece of art.

Image Source: Google

Minimalistic Floating Entertainment Center  

Now those who appreciate minimalism, it is pure luxury. This floating center is so minimalistic that it won’t even feel like there’s a stand. Your TV will look like it is just floating in the air. 

Image Source: Home-designing

The best thing about this kind of floating center is that it is relatively inexpensive. 

Neon/LED Floating Entertainment Center

When it comes to aesthetics and RGB lighting, there are many floating centers in the market. Almost all of them have LED or neon lights, or if they don’t have pre-built lighting, they at least offer some kind of room and compatibility for lights.

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Additionally, you can install an LED panel by the floating TV stand to make your room llok lit and colorful. You just cannot miss the lighting effect they have when all other lights are off.

Floating Entertainment Center made of Wood

Image Source: Home-Designing

You cannot go wrong with with wood. When you install a wooden flaoting TV stand, your room will look like an old, ancient scandinavian hut and that is a whole flex in itself. 

Floating Entertainment Center in the Corner?

There may be some instances where you might think there you don’t have enough space left in your room to install a TV or a TV stand. In that case, we have a simple and exciting solution for you. 

Get a floating TV stand installed in the corner of your room. I mean, we all have corners in our rooms, right?

So, in case you have a small room, the corner will be the best place for you to install a floating TV stand. 

Image Source: Wallmart

OR, if you do have space in your room but you want to utilize that space for something else and still want an entertainment center, get a floating one in the corner of your room. You’ll have storage space, drawers, and shelves even in the corner of your room. 

Do you Rent? Get a Mountable Floating Entertainment Center

For people who don’t the place(like Batman), they should buy a mountable TV stand. The reason why is that times can be uncertain. The landlord can ask you to leave the place anytime. You don’t want to waste the money you spent on a good looking, expensive floating center just like this. 

So, in case of rental, buy a mountable floating TV stand so that it is easy is mount, unmount and move. This way, you will save some cash that you would spend on buying a new one for your new place.

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