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Here Are Important Points You Need To Know About Glass Balustrades

It is imperative that we first know what a balustrade is. A balustrade is a panel made of any material that acts as a barrier or a fence, and it sometimes has pillars called balusters that support it. But balustrades are nowadays being made from glass to add to the beauty while at the same time giving protection.


Why Use Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrades are needed primarily for safety purposes, and they give protection so that there is no fatality if that place is naked and open. It is not only used to protect children from falling, but it can also protect adults too.

Glass balustrades are mostly used in places like balconies, stairways, deck areas, and terraces. They can be used in any place that is considered to be open and some form of protection is needed.

Benefits of Using Glass Balustrades

The benefits of glass balustrades are many, and they give much protection and beauty at the same time. It is now time we saw them in detail.


  • Aesthetic Appeal

If you can choose the panels of your glass balustrade well, you are in for a treat to your eyes. They make very appealing barricades for your balconies, staircases, decks, or terraces. They can create that look of beauty and add a touch of elegance to it.

The transparency of glass balustrades adds a touch of cleanliness and gives an uninterrupted view that is the biggest plus point of such fencing off. The light reflected because of the glass panels adds a lot of beauty to the place where it has been installed.


  • Makes Room For Light

The panels of the balustrades being made from glass allow the penetration of more light into the area. Glass balustrades, in the long run, create that effect of having more space, and it makes the area look more spacious than it is.


  • Utmost Assured Protection

One of the most important functions of glass balustrades is protecting from falling in areas with no barrier. It gives protection while at the same time it gives a clear view without any obstruction. They can be used in the containment of pedestrian traffic.


  • Versatility

Whichever way you like your glass panels to be fitted you can do so. Glass balustrades can be frameless, and partially framed or fully framed – as you like them. They areversatile in nature. There is an extensive range of glass to choose from for your glass balustrades. If you like them, you can select and get them fitted. They can come with or without handrails, and you can get them fixed with posts only. Many types of glass panels are available.


  • Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance cost of glass balustrades is very low compared to wood or other materials. All you need to do is get a cloth or a sponge and clean them with some form of glass cleaner, and no waxing or polishing is required. Even a scratch or slight damage can be easily taken care of by simply rubbing it with a cloth.


  • Highly Durable      

Glass balustrades are highly durable as they are powerful and tough. Other materials can corrode with time, but the glass remains constant. Whatever little difference there may, it is not easily noticeable.


  • Eco-Friendly

As glass can be recycled, glass balustrades are extremely eco-friendly.

Types of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades can differ in the type of glass used. They are:

  • Protective barriers that are freestanding
  • Glass in-fill panels barriers
  • Glass barriers with full height panels

Final Words


With so much from the world of glass balustrades, you will be left spoiled for choice. These are just suitable things that can beautify and protect you from falling. So get your choice of glass balustrades that you would like.

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