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How Does a Mobile Repair Shop save Devices from Water Damage?

Device users will a mobile repair shop for several reasons like gaming console issues, problems in the charging port, damaged screen replacement, issues with the battery, camera replacement, difficulty with data transfer, motherboard repair, and micro soldering services. But the one issue that needs immediate attention is the water damage.

Mobile Repair Shop Revealing Signs of Water Damage

Water is an element that can easily penetrate into gadgets through different openings like various ports in the devices. Moisture from liquid spilling, sweat, and dropping devices in water are the ways by which damages can be done. There are certain signs that technicians look into to know that the device has been damaged by water.

The Presence of Water Droplets Inside the Screen

The mobile repair technicians will thoroughly inspect the screen of the device for the presence of moisture. Sometimes the water is trapped in between the protective cover and screen. Gadget users can use a cotton cloth to wipe away the moisture. But often, the water has penetrated inside the screen. This is an indication that water has reached the interior of the device.

The Incapability of Electronic Gadgets to Charge

The next thing that the phone repair experts in Pittsburgh observe is the incapability of charging. The reason for this is that the charging port is the main source of water entering the device. This part of the gadget is immediately affected by the water.

Checking the Liquid Damage Indicator

The third thing that the technicians check, which indicates the damage from the water, is the liquid damage indicator present in the SIM and memory card slot. If the color turns from white to purple, orange, or red, then it means that the device has suffered extreme damage.

Phone Repair Store Suggesting Water Damage Tips

Besides fixing the devices suffering from water damage, the technicians will suggest a few tips that will help to reduce the effects of water penetrating into the gadget. The clients have to listen to the instructions so that the device can be saved from water damage to some extent.

Shutting off the Electronic Gadgets

Gadget users have to first immediately take the device out of the water because the water in a working gadget will damage the functions. The next step to take is to quickly shut off the device to save it. Although damage to the device might have been done to some extent, but further damage will be avoided.

Separate All Accessories

Many times, when you drop your phone in the water or spill liquid onto it, the accessories like headphones or data transfer cables might be attached to it. Also, mobile devices have SIM and memory cards. So, it is important to remove all these accessories at once.

Drying up the Device with Relevant Things

You might have heard from some individuals that soaking the device, especially a cell phone will be the best solution for absorbing water from the device. but the rice is known to absorb water from the outer covering and not the inside. The phone repair technicians in Pittsburgh will open the device and use special tools to dry the phone’s interior. Cell phone users can use silica gels, sponges, cotton clothes, and towels to dry the device’s exterior.

Never Leave the Device in the Sun

Sometimes device users think that leaving their gadgets in the sun can dry up quickly. But this will be a mistake because the heat from the sun can damage the functions. The users can use the things mentioned above to dry the device.

Check Device by Switching it On

Many cell phone users might often make the mistake of turning on the device immediately after taking out it from the water and taking it to the mobile repair shop is the best thing to do. This act could cause more damage to the device. So, the device users should first dry up the gadget and then make the attempt to switch it on.

The gadget users should follow the tips mentioned above to avoid further water damage to the device. Then take the gadgets to the repair shop for proper fixing.

Below are three questions to further explain the water damage to the gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a phone need to dry?

If a normal-sized cell phone has been dropped in water; then it might take almost a day to dry as explained by technicians at a mobile repair shop. But many times, it might take more time for the device to dry because the size of the device can be big or the water has penetrated deep into the gadget.

What are signs of water damage on a phone?

When looking for water damage signs you should observe that no sound is coming from the speaker, the changed color of the liquid damage indicator, moisture is present inside the device screen, and the cell phone is unable to charge.

Can phones with water damage be fixed?

If the device is immediately taken to a repair shop that has been damaged by water; then there is a chance that the gadget can be saved. But if you delay in saving the device and taking it to the repair shop.

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