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How long does a human hair wig last? There is no exact answer to thins question, it is like everything else in life, it depends on the quality of the human hair used and it depends on the care you take of your wig. In general, 100% human hair wigs which do not contain other fibers can last from 3 months to 3 years.

If you have invested in a beautiful luscious human hair wig you will want to know everything about extending the life of your wig and here are some steps about 13×4 lace front wigs to follow.

Keeping your lace front wigs looking great depends on the following:

  1. Hair quality

The hair used to make the wig has to be high quality as it plays a crucial 

factor in determining the durability of the wig. The type of human hair used, 

there are five types of hair used to make wigs, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, 

Indonesian, or European. Most wigs are made from Asian hair as it is smooth 

and straight, and each hair has a thicker strand than other hair types. Indian 

hair is easier to style and has a good natural texture

  1. How frequently you wear?

How often you wear your wig has a great effect on the lifespan of your wig. If you want to wear your wig daily, try to buy two or three wigs and then rotate the wearing of the wigs,said Anne from Unice.

The more you wear your wig the sooner it will start to lose its natural luscious glow. Some hair might fall out of the lace or mesh cap, and you will be faced with finding a salon that can repair wigs. It is better to avoid this costly exercise. 

  1. Maintain correct or not?

Maintaining your human hair wig with care is the next most important step. If you have a human hair wig it is important to take care of it and treat it even better than you would treat your natural hair because it does not have the hair follicles that your natural hair would have.

Here are some pointers for correct care and maintenance of your wig:

  • Wash your wig only after every 8 to 10 times of wearing
  • Use a natural gentle shampoo with no alcohol
  • Always condition your human hair wig, concentrating of the mid-shaft and ends
  • Towel dry or lay flat on a towel to dry
  1. Production of wig

Processing of the human hair wig has a big influence on how long the wig will last. The technique used determines the overall look of the wig and directly affects the overall strength and quality of the wig. Chemicals are used to strip and clean the original human hair. These chemicals if they are too harsh will damage the shaft of the hair and lead to breakage, especially in the mid-shaft area. Manufacturers that use a gentle product to strip the hair during the manufacturing process will result in a better quality of the end product. Human hair used in wigs that have the least chemicals used will last longer and will more natural looking.

  1. Color of wig

Natural black wigs tend to last longer as they have not been over processed by chemicals. For example, a blonde wig would have undergone the harsh chemical color stripping in order to get the color gone. Once there is no color on the hair, chemicals would then again be used in the wig in order to dye it blonde. The chemical processing damages the quality and longevity of the hair before it is even placed into the lace or mesh cap.

Ways to extend the life of a human hair wig:

1. Blow Drying – Blow-dry your wig with care. Human hair wigs are attached to the cap using a special knotting technique. If you are rough while blow-drying the hair the knots can come loose and some of the hair could fall out.

2. Styling Products – When styling your human hair wig with hot curlers or flat irons remember to use the lowest temperature you can to avoid heat damage. Prior to using the hot curlers or curling iron, spritz the human hair with a product that will protect the hair strands against the heat. Spritz the protection spray especially on the mid-shaft and on the ends of the hair to prevent breakage or split ends.

3. Damp Styling – Whenever you can style your wig while your hair is damp. You can still achieve the same curl using cold rollers if you put them in your hair while your hair is damp. This means you are protecting your human hair wig from any possible heat damage. 

4. Storage – Storing your wig is one of the best ways to ensure your wig lasts as long as possible. Have a foam head or folding stand on which to store your wig when it is not in use. When travelling, keep your wig safely in a travel box to avoid damage.

5. Washing – When washing your wig follow these simple but effective steps. 

  • Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out any tangles. 
  • Place your wig under a tap of running lukewarm water while gently holding the wig
  • Gently massage the shampoo into the wig while avoiding the roots
  • Using your fingers to gently wash the rest of the hair on the wig 
  • Rinse the shampoo off the hair by running it under lukewarm water 
  • Now towel dry and condition the hair, especially the mid-shaft and the ends
  • Leave the conditioner to process for 5 minutes
  • Rinse the conditioner off the wig with lukewarm water
  • Gently squeeze the excess water out of the wig whilst holding over the sink
  • Place the semi wet wig onto a flat towel.
  • Place another towel on the top of the wig
  • Press the top towel down onto the wig gently to remove excess water
  • Place the wig on your foam head or a wig stand to let it dry completely 

Taking good care of your wig will ensure you have a beautiful healthy-looking wig for a good amount of time. Looking after your wig will make you feel beautiful and special every time you wear it. And that after all is what you want. To feel beautiful!

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