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How to prepare for the RRB PO Interview in a Month?

The final and the most crucial stage for selection into an RRB as Bank PO is a Personal Interview. Around three times the vacancies, candidates are selected for the interview stage. Clearly, only 1 in 3 candidates will get the final selection post the interview stage, and the remaining two will get eliminated. 

All throughout the year, candidates prepare for their prelims and mains examination, but nobody prepares for the Interview. After the mains result, hardly a month is available to prepare for the Interview. An Interview can be a game-changer in the final selection of a candidate. There are candidates who perform wonderfully in the Interview Stage and get selected. On the other hand, many students perform miserably in the Interview and despite their good score of mains, they miss the final cut-off by a few marks. Whether you have a week or a month, if you prepare smartly for the RRB PO Interview, you can always perform better. 

Important Tips to Ace Your RRB PO Interview

  • Introduction: The first impression is the last impression, this saying is apt for an interview. The board members form a mental perception of you in the first few minutes of the interview. That first impression stays till the last and impacts your score. Therefore, make an introduction that defines your personality in the best possible way. Also, make sure that you prepare for the counter questions from your introduction like the meaning of your name, gap year, low marks scored if any, favorite subject, etc. 
  • Important Information of Your HomeTown: It can be considered as a part of your introduction, but still you have to pay special attention to it. Usually, board members try to pacify the environment by asking casual questions related to a candidate’s hometown like famous personalities of your state, famous places, any historical contribution of your place to Indian history, famous battles that happened in your place, etc. No, you don’t go much deeper into this section, but ensure that you can answer basic questions related to your hometown. 
  • Famous Personalities of your States: Just like famous places, many times, RRB board members ask questions related to a famous personality from your hometown. Moreover, if any famous personality from your state or hometown is in the news, then also a question can be framed from it. 
  • Questions Related to Graduation Subject: After the basic introduction session, your interview can go in two directions, either related to your graduation studies, or the basics of Banking. Therefore, ensure that you prepare the basics questions of all your graduation subjects. It creates a really bad image in the mind of an interviewer if you fail to answer questions from your graduation subject. 
  • Banking: Banking questions can be a game-changer in your interview. The level of the questions related to banking will be very basic in nature like cheque, moratorium, Banking terminologies, Static Information related to banks, Risks in banking sector, etc. Though you will be taught all the important banking concepts post your selection as a PO, you are expected to know at least the basics of banking.
  • Topics in News: The current events around your interview day are also very important from the Interview perspective. If there is any important banking news or any RBI report, it becomes crucial for the Interview. Moreover, it is also observed that board members ask a few questions from the news that are in news or controversy for a long time.  
  • Banking Issues in Rural Areas: In RRB PO Interview, many time board members ask a few questions related to the banking issues in rural areas, how banking can reach every household, online banking in rural areas, etc. Therefore, you should prepare for these basic questions & learn the basics of Changing Landscape of Banking Sector in India so that you can answer all such questions confidently. 

An interview is all about your personality, stress management, and your ability to communicate with confidence even in a diverse situation. So be calm & give your best. Leave the rest on Board Members. 

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