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How To Set An Outdoor Space In An Apartment

Is it just us, all we have all wanted to sit amidst the green and have our morning beverage?

Where we hear more of the melodies of the morning birds than the traffic cacophony of office time, yes, we are talking about having that garden escape in the middle of the bustling city.

It is like having your own countryside oasis in the middle of the bustling city life.

This does seem like a dream!

However, is it a dream though?

Not really!

With a little planning and the wonders of the interior decoration, we will be able to have our own garden space even in a city environment. However, if you are planning not to call upon an interior decorator, then we would suggest you help yourself with some interior decoration software.

Softwares like SketchUp help to make a 3D virtual model of your house, and you will be able to decorate your space virtually before you start hoarding blindly and then regret it.

If you are having some trouble buying the full version, then you can download them from this website.


Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before you get your outdoor space.

– Do not use a room or place with less sunlight, as plants will be a big part of the outdoors.

– Do not buy huge furniture and take up all the space. Use your space wisely.

– Keep the weather in mind. If you stay in a rainy area, then it is better not to have too much-clothed furniture, as the moist nature can only cause mold to grow.

– Try to keep fewer electricity wires in the space.

Creating An Outdoor Space

Here is how you can create an outdoor space in the city environment.

1. Use Up The Corners

The corers are the best to fit in things and yet make the area look spacious. You will see that if you are placing a table in the corner and not in the center, although it is taking up the same space, the emptiness of the center will make it look more spacious.

So, if you are planning to add some patio furniture, add it to the corner of your balcony.

2. Do Not Stop At The Balcony

Outdoor space doesn’t always have to be the balcony. You can get huge sliding windows for your balcony, the kind that allows a lot of sunlight, and make the area right in front of the balcony your‘ outdoor space.’

You can do the same with a room which has a lot of windows. You can plant trees and creepers all around the room, as it will get ample sunlight to grow. Set up patio furniture, and keep the room fairly empty, and you will have your own oasis.

3. Plant Greens Everywhere

If you want your balcony or outdoor specs to look like outdoors, then you have to cover its plants. But remember that you cannot let these plants die, and they can be big maintenance.

Do not leave the walls, and get some creepers with wildflowers for them. This will not only give you that extra dose of oxygen, but your apartment balcony will look no short than a garden.

You can also go to the extra length and get a fake grass carpet for your balcony.

4. Buy Sensible Furniture For The Space

Yes, we understand you need a place to sit, but do not hoard your balcony with huge patio furniture or tables. A great way to make use of this space is to get hammocks or jute swings.

A great place to lie, read some books, and soak up the winter sun on December days.

5. Use Solar Or Battery Driven Lights

Lastly, it is sensible to use battery-driven lights or solar lights in the outside area. Especially if the balcony is open and it is subjected to thundering lights, rain, and extreme heat.

This can wear out sensitive lighting and wires. Solar lights are the best things to ornament your outdoor space with for the nighttime relaxations.

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