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How to use Instagram stories to promote your business?

Putting in huge marketing efforts but still lagging behind in business and sales? Chances are, you are not using social media channels to market your business in the right way. And what about Instagram trends? Are you even abreast with them? Do you even know that they can work positively towards creating awareness about your brand?

The trends on Instagram and even stories can be creative and fun ways of growing audience engagement.

500+ million individuals use Instagram stories on a regular basis. 58% of these users claim that they have become more interested in a certain brand or product after finding it in Stories.

So, it does not come as a surprise that more than 4 million brands are advertising on Stories regularly. Here, we will get an idea about everything users need to understand about using Instagram Stories for promoting their business:


Some Behind the Scene Stories for the Followers

People love peeking behind curtains. They are interested in the nitty gritty of things, and thus it would always be beneficial to peel your covers off and take audiences behind the scenes.

This will help potential consumers build trust in your brand, with the normal being audiences skeptical about traditional marketing. The behind-the-scenes story for your Instagram would be something like a glimpse of the office gym or a vivid view of the production line.

The right behind-the-scenes stories will surely make your followers feel as if they are insiders.

Educate the Audience with Product Guides and Demonstrations

Be a little quirky, and this will surely go a long way in making your digital marketing memorable. You know Instagram Stories are temporary. So, they can best be used as a scope of highlighting your products and services in a completely different light.

The sequential format of stories on this social media platform makes them absolutely perfect for how-to and step-by-step style content. Bite-sized informative content starting from beauty tutorials to recipes and even beyond is always a more engaging option than traditional blog posts and videos.

Catch Viewer Attention with Questions, Quizzes, and Polls

Polls are probably one of the easiest and quickest ways of involving followers. They are the best option for boosting instant audience engagement. They are highly effective in driving increased audience interaction.

For instance, sharing pools for asking the audience whether or not they should purchase a certain item are basic points of discussion but extremely effective ways of creating a strong sense of community on the platform.

On the same path and following the same idea, you can pick on the brains of your followers by asking them playful questions. Features like quizzes are also fun and seamless ways of promoting your business on Instagram.

Questions are in trend, and they are one of the most effective ways of interacting with followers. Try asking questions about your product or business or anything that you think will spark instant conversation.

Promote the Next Grand Event of Your Business

Are you about to host a conference off late? Or will you be holding a professional webinar? If yes, then do not forget to inform your followers of the same. Your story on Instagram offers you the right platform for getting your message across, clear and loud.

No frills, no fuss. Avoid being salesy with the invitation. Your main objective should be engaging the audiences with future stories and not converting audiences into sales. Remember, people will not be interested in your event or your story if they find your pitch salesy.

Mind it and work accordingly!

Market All Time-Sensitive Deals and Offers

Just like you would be promoting an offer through Instagram, the same is possible through Stories. Ideal for brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce businesses alike, Instagram Stories can be used for marketing limited-time offers or highlight current deals.

Collaborations Really Work

Influencers and brands can collaborate effectively on Instagram Stories. Such collaborations can prove to be very beneficial for businesses. Businesses can easily team up with the influencers and have them marketing their products and services.

The influencers with the greatest number of followers will automatically bring in good business and sales for brands using Instagram Stories and the collaborations here. This way, businesses can also get good exposure while the whole procedure is filled with fun.

A point to ponder here is that such collaborations can involve a bit of money, considering influencers are involved. Even if you are not using influencers, there are tons of other ways to collaborate on Instagram Story. Think of and go for the ways you think your business could benefit from.

Use Instagram Story Advertisements

Of course, you need to put your story in front of a huge targeted audience and take the best advantage of the results. For this, creating an advertisement and throwing down a bit of money will be enough.

Have Instagram promoting your business story through Facebook’s Ads Manager. This will enable you to add around 10 hashtags to the story while including one clickable hashtag at the same time.

And Most Importantly: Stay Right on Brand!

Once you are aware of the different ways you can use Instagram Stories to promote your business, it is time to get right on track and get on with working on the techniques. While implementing these tricks, you need to understand that they must bring you success.

And for bringing in success, you will have to stay on-brand with all your Instagram Stories. No, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert for crafting professional-looking images, graphics, and videos. Brush up on designing your true visual identity and your knowledge of using different design tools like InVideo.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know how to use your Instagram stories to promote your business. Follow the tips mentioned above and your marketing journey on Instagram will get easy and comfortable. Be positive, move ahead and grab the right opportunity to promote your business on Instagram.

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