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How to Use Light Trails Photography in Calgary?

Calgary is full of natural beauties and landscapes! One can find some awesome picturesque spots in Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Canmore, Kananaskis Country, Banff National Park, and Calgary downtown. But, what if people fail to capture this appealing beauty? No worries, a key to good photography is consistent practice and patience.

The rule of thumb to capture this mesmerizing beauty is, using light trails photography in Calgary. Do you know what light trail photography is, and when is the best time to use this technique? This post will guide you best using light trails in night photography and quick tips to capture a freaking cold evening in Calgary.

What is Light Trail Photography, & How to use it?

The light trail photography is a type of photography that captures the movement of objects in a photograph. To capture light trails, you need to use a slow shutter speed. The primary conditions to make the best use of light trail photography includes;

  • Finding a dark location 
  • Use a tripod
  • Use a cable release or remote control. 

You can also try using filters to create longer light trails. On other hand, capturing light trails in foggy weather is a big challenge, as fog restricts the required amount of light to enter your camera sensor.

Significance & Tips Long Exposure / or Light Trail Photography 

Prolonged exposure or light trail photography have become a norm for many beginners and experienced photographers today. The main reason is, the longer the exposure, the smoother the effect would be. This what makes it easier to capture light trails.

As far as making the best of light trails photography with appropriate technique is concerned, so it’s basically created when a car’s headlights create long streaks through the night sky. This can be done by photographing lights in motion, like; traffic or fireworks. 

For best light trail photography in Calgary, you’ll need to follow these tips:

  • Use a tripod
  • Go for long exposure time
  • Use a low ISO setting
  • Prefer manual mode
  • Use the bulb setting
  • Use a remote shutter release
  • Figure out where light trails will be longest 
  • Capture multiple exposures for a combined effect
  • Capture motion from moving lights with panning 
  • Experiment with different compositions.

Light trails photography can be done any time of year; the thing that matters is how you make it best. Apart from using light trail photography in the nighttime, the other main challenging part of photography is, capturing a freaking cold evening in Calgary. Here’s a look at how to do it best.

Tips to Capture a Freaking Cold Evening in Calgary

Capturing a freaking cold evening in Calgary can be a challenge; still, it can be done following the tips shared below;

– Shoot in manual mode: This will allow you to better control the exposure settings and compensate for the changing light conditions.

– Use a low ISO: To avoid noise in your photos, use a low ISO setting (100 or 200)

– Use a small aperture: This will help create more depth of field in your photos

– Wait for the right moment: The best time to shoot light trails photography is when fog or heavy clouds

– Take lots of photos: Don’t be afraid to take many photographs, trying different settings and exposures if necessary. You want to be sure that

– Be patient: It can take some time to capture the perfect photo when shooting light trails photography in Calgary, so make sure you are prepared to wait for the right moment. For more guidance and assistance regarding effective techniques and hacks of light trails and foggy weather photography, subscribe to Photography courses in Calgary. This short-term course will help you hone your skills and enlighten how light affects a picture using different tools.

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