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Reasons You Need an Insurance Attorney for Your Business

Business owners do everything they possibly can to ensure their properties are protected at all times. Unfortunately, the unexpected can, and often does, happen. When a business suffers damage, the owner will often submit an insurance claim.


Common Reasons for Commercial Insurance Claims

Knowing the common reasons for commercial insurance claims is essential for business owners. If a business owner experiences any of the following issues, they should consider getting help from an insurance attorney for your business right away.

  • Fire damage
  • Theft and burglary
  • Vandalism damage
  • Natural disaster damage
  • Water damage
  • Customer accidents and injuries

The claims process takes time. Insurance adjusters must take care of claims promptly. When they drag their feet or are unfair in the process, claimants have a right to seek legal help.

Reasons a Business Might Need an Insurance Attorney

Many reasons may cause a business owner to seek legal help from an insurance attorney. Being aware of the following reasons will help businesses that are going through insurance claim issues.

  • If the business owner and the insurance adjuster simply do not meet eye to eye, there will likely be problems in the settlement process. Hiring an attorney offers a safety net that will help the business owner make effective decisions as they pursue the settlement of their claim.
  • When a business owner has a complex commercial insurance claim, they would be wise to at least consult with an insurance attorney to learn about their rights and the best options for legal recourse. The attorney will work to ensure the payout is fair.
  • Sometimes, these insurance claims involve serious damages. When catastrophic damage occurs to a business, such as a total loss, owners need to ensure they have legal guidance throughout the process. The attorney will work to ensure the business owner gets a large settlement to cover the full damages or complete loss.
  • If fault is difficult to establish, owners should consider a consultation with an attorney. Insurance attorneys investigate the claim and work to gather as much evidence as possible to hold the insurance company accountable. The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company throughout the process.
  • When a commercial insurance claim is denied by the insurance company, the claimant has the right to further pursue the insurance company and seek payment on their claim. Hiring an attorney for the appeals process is wise.

How to Prepare for the Consultation Appointment With the Insurance Attorney

When an insurance claim gets denied or other issues occur, business owners need to know how to get help from an attorney. Hiring an attorney begins with scheduling a consultation appointment. Preparing for the consultation will help business owners ensure they collect as much information as possible.

Business owners should share any evidence they have with the insurance attorney. The owner should also prepare to ask and answer questions.

Get Legal Help Right Away

As time passes, evidence can become lost, and further problems can develop. The statute of limitations may also limit the amount of time a claimant has to pursue a lawsuit against the insurance company. Acting quickly protects the rights of the business owner.

Working with an attorney offers great peace of mind for business owners who are struggling with an insurance claim alone. The attorney becomes an advocate for their client and works to ensure the fairest outcome is achieved in the settlement process.

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