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Jeep Off-Roaders Guide! How To Prepare for the Mud This Summer!

Summer is prime offroading season. Along with the bright sunshine and increased hours of daylight come the typical summer thunderstorms. And what do you get after a thunderstorm? Mud. Whether mud is something you just plow through or an opponent to conquer, you’ll need to prep your Jeep to handle it. This short guide reviews some Jeep Wrangler upgrades JK that can help you on muddy trails this summer. 

Upgraded Rims & Tires

Tires and wheels are among the most critical contributors to your vehicle’s handling and safety off the road. Together, they supply the stability, mobility and traction you need.

You may shop for your tires first, and that’s logical: After all, their tread keeps you from slipping or getting stuck. While every specific mud tire has a different design, most incorporate deeper tread and larger sidewalls. Together, these provide a balance of grip and cleanout. 

When searching for Jeep tires, you may first want to start with mud terrain styles. While every mud tire is a little different, you’ll find most of the typical characteristics when you evaluate each tire model. For instance, the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 incorporates Terrain-Attack Tread with massive tread blocks plus Mud-Phobic Bars to release mud and improve cleanout. The KM3 also features Krawl-Tek compound for improved grip on slicker surfaces. 

If you’re moving to larger-sized tires or simply need to replace your rims, you’re gonna need a new set of Jeep wheels. Most versions are cast from aluminum, resulting in a lightweight and durable construction. Wheels come in a wide variety of finishes, bolt patterns, offset amounts and spoke patterns. You may even find true beadlock wheels, which incorporate a deadlock and lip to secure tire beads. These are most useful on hard or rocky terrain when you wish to lower tire pressure. Most offroaders traveling on mud do well with standard wheels.

Mud Accessories

Tires and wheels aren’t the only important components when you’re running on muddy terrain. You should also equip yourself with emergency supplies: a basic toolkit and a first aid kit, plus other essentials such as jacks, a spare tire, an air compressor and a shovel. 

If you don’t yet have a winch, you shouldn’t venture offroad without this critical accessory. Winches provide the necessary pulling power to get yourself and others out of serious jams. They come in handy during any situation, but they’re aces at recovering stuck vehicles. Along with Jeep CJ7 parts and accessories, be sure to check out winches and recovery kits by Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge, Warn, Havoc Offroad and other trusted brands. You’ll find winches with line capacities of up to 18,000 pounds or more. 

Prepping for Mud Offroad

You’ve just seen a few recommendations for gearing up before you hit the trails this summer. Carefully choosing your tires, wheels and emergency supplies pays off, especially when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere before trying to cross a patch of sloppy mud. When shopping for your gear, remember to choose a reputable retailer that specializes in offroad auto parts and accessories. 

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