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Looking For Honeymoon Gatlinburg Cabins? Here Are The Top 4 Outdoor Amenities To Consider!

There is nothing like a smoky mountain honeymoon to kick start your first days as husband and wife. Gatlinburg is a perfect destination for your honeymoon because of its relaxed atmosphere,  beautiful sceneries, and moderate climate that allows you to enjoy all four seasons in one. With a plethora of places to visit and adventures to have, you can easily oscillate between slow days in your cabin and fast-paced fun-filled times.

There are a lot of romantic activities that you and your spouse have the opportunity of enjoying from wine tasting in the rocky top wine trail, couples massages, and horse riding into the sunset.  The cabins in Gatlinburg are tucked away in the mountainside which means you don’t get to be swallowed by any of the city’s noise and hustle.

On top of being private and cozy, these cabins have state-of-the-art amenities that enable you to have the most wonderful of times. Apart from the decors, top-of-the-line furniture, and appliances, here are some other outdoor amenities to look for in cabins in Gatlinburg TN:


Outdoor hot tub:

You can be able to get a cabin with a hot tub right outside the verandah where you and your spouse can relax and enjoy your evenings. In light of the fast-paced events that precede the honeymoon, relaxing in the hot tub will prove to be an invaluable experience. Couple that with the scenic views that are offered in the smoky mountains and you get quite an experience for yourselves. Nothing like some wine, sunset, and the love of your life sitting beside you for the first days of the rest of your lives.

Swimming pool:

Swimming pools can be a great way to still keep yourself in shape while having fun. You can play game pools with others in a public or shared swimming pool. You could also just enjoy the time between the two of you in your private swimming pool. Whichever, the case, having a swimming pool to cool off in will surely heighten the honeymoon experience?

A private Balcony

Most cabins in Gatlinburg TN will have private balconies as a prime feature on them. These balconies offer a great view, which is perfect for sightseeing either in sunrises, sunsets, or simply stargazing. On the days when you just want to take things slow and stay in, you can also use it as a dining area or a place to just sit and read a nice book.

Outdoor Jacuzzi:

For the nights when and days when the weather is chillier than usual, a Jacuzzi will be a great place to spend your time. There are many great benefits to having a Jacuzzi and one of them can be offering respite after strenuous physical activities. Activities like hiking are bound to put a lot of strain on the muscles and a Jacuzzi can help ease that. Also since a Jacuzzi bath is a very calm and relaxing activity, you can be able to take more and bond through the activity. Honeymoons have been proven to increase intimacy and bring a sense of togetherness. Whichever time you choose to take your honeymoon, it should be an unforgettable event for you and your spouse. One sure way is having the necessary amenities in place. If you’re thinking of going on a honeymoon in Gatlinburg to enjoy the smoky mountain and scenic views, then these amenities will make your stay even better.

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