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SUMARPO Vanguard wetsuit is another amazing triathletes gear for a New Year gift. The suit has been designed with a maximum level of buoyancy and exceptional flexibility and has the best support for the triathletes. 

With strong research and developed team, SUMARPO tests every aspect of its products and launches them after international standards approval.

Superb Buoyancy Ratio:

Yamamoto Aerodome is a world patented material with many air pores evenly placed on rubber. It can significantly improve buoyancy and heat-retention thanks to the effect of the air pores. The water absorption of Areodome is merely 3%, which helps to stay buoyancy throughout the workout. Aerodome is especially used as a cloth for triathlon wear; it offers 30% higher buoyancy.

SUMARPO developed Aeroatom: it’s an upgraded material supported Yamamoto Aerodome materials. Aeroatom consists of perforated NBR buoyant material between two layers of pre-treated neoprene, which offers a mean of fifty more buoyancy than the Aerodome series. The buoyancy of all SUMARPO products has been tested for verification after manufacturing. Vanguard wetsuit-like all other triathletes products of SUMARPO has got Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene with honeycomb-shaped cells for air circulation at the chest area. The same also spreads to the thighs portion of the suit; these features are helpful to adjust body position and hydrodynamics of the triathletes while in water.

Unbelievable Flexibility due to LMT:

Triathletes always need to have flexibility in all their movements in running, cycling, or even swimming. 

For the first time, SUMARPO introduced the concept of low modulus technology (LMT) in the history of the triathlon field. With the application of low modular technology (LMT), the triathletes quickly reduce physical energy consumption while making strokes in swimming. As a result of this technique (LMT), the efficiency of the triathletes improves exponentially with less level of tiredness. With the enormous level of testing before launching the product, SUMARPO has made it sure that the fatigue level of the triathletes has to be at the possible minimum level. 

Speeding Ability:

SCS or super composite Skin has been used to have smooth skin for coating purposes.

SUMARPO has used the latest NANO super composite skin of Yamamoto Company to ensure that the lower drag co-efficient is good and makes the fastest swimming possible for the triathletes. 

SUMARPO uses Yamamoto Corporation’s latest Nano SCS for better lower drag co-efficient, ensuring the fastest swim possible. The friction has been minimized to the maximum possible extent, and that is why the speed is more as compared to other competitors’ products of the same nature. 

SUMARPO uses Yamamoto neoprene in all of its triathlete’s gears. All rubber materials are manufactured within the factories (in Japan) of Yamamoto Corporation under strict compliance with international standards. The factories have obtained ISO 13485 Certificates, the international quality standards for medical equipment manufacturers.

Super Composite Skin or SCS of Yamamoto Corporation has effectively minimized the resistance offered by the water surfaces. The paddle is grove-shaped and is quite effective to help infirm gripping while swimming, which helps triathletes consume less amount of energy while stroking in water. The stroke experience with this product is exemplary because of such intelligent techniques and materials. 

Environmental Consideration at SUMARPO:

Yamamoto and SUMARPO have been good partners for many years, and both of them insist on the eco-friendly value all the time. Yamamoto neoprene is obtained from limestone rather than petroleum products. Limestone is used to form rubber material in all of its products. The limestone used is a particular type that was obtained from the erupted volcano in the sea on the island of Hawaii about million years ago.

Unlike NR (natural rubber), limestone neoprene may be a quiet CR (chloroprene rubber), excluding allergen and cancerogen, which is entirely healthy for human-being. The exploitation and production process is eco-friendly, with renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity.

With the slogan of “1% for the Planet”, the SUMARPO team gives more significant consideration to the cause of environment protection by contributing to minimizing environmental concerns. 

The rubber material used by SUMARPO fully complies with the latest chemical regulations like REACH SVHC, PAHs, California Proposition 65, etc. From 2021, Yamamoto is committed to supplying materials in compliance with the world’s highest standard of safety, environmental protection, and recycling ability. More safe, reliable, and sustainable material will cover your body. After comparing them with other materials, the grades shown with stars below the suit are general indications.

Eco-Based Raw Material:

SUMARPO is the pioneer in using water-based and non-benzene adhesives to make triathlete gears. Water-based adhesives have been tested to be more environmentally friendly than oil-based materials for the same purpose, and they are more applicable in the seawater. Triathletes are proudly using SUMARPO products as this has been a historical milestone towards making efforts to make the environment safe for the coming generation. 

Made from fibers certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, these recycled & degradable lining fabrics are born from nature and ready to back to nature, which helps to guard the environment.

Exceptional Thermal Insulation and Temperature Balance of the suit:

Yamamoto developed Titanium-alpha (Ti-a) in the 1990s. It’s typically processed as a coating layer between rubber and jersey, reflecting the blood heat inwards and keeping the body temperature at an acceptable and optimal range because of 2mm additional neoprene. 


Due to climatic issues globally, the SUMARPO team gives more significant consideration to environmental safety and protection. Therefore, all regulations related to the environment are strictly followed while making any of its products. The eco-wetsuit, Vanguard, or any other triathletes garment is made by processes that are approved by international bodies.  

SUMARPO is a member of 1% for the earth in 2021 and onward, which means any triathletes buying SUMARPO products indirectly contribute to the preservation and restoration of the environment. When you buy any triathlon gear from SUMARPO, You give 1% back on every item you buy. SUMARPO is committed to giving 1% of annual sales to preserving and restoring the natural environment.

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