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Muay Thai Basics Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national game; Muay means ‘Boxing’ in Thai, hence the game is called Thai Boxing. It looks like kickboxing but has different rules, clinching, elbow, and knee attacks are all permitted in addition to kicks and punches.

Muay Thai is well-known for being among the most dangerous sports. Fights are a thrilling experience, and dark eyes, broken noses, and bleeding cheeks are all part of a fighter’s life. These, however, take place in a supervised environment with referees enforcing regulations and stopping fights when required. There are health concerns involved with professional fight sports and, to a lesser extent, amateur activities, but they are seldom life-threatening.

Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques

In truth, I do offer some training advice for novices.  That will undoubtedly lessen the early days of anguish and suffering, as well as the training time. 

Below are the best ideas that you may easily do and will undoubtedly improve your early Muay Thai experience:


Running has shown to be the highest helpful fitness program for improving overall efficiency in my view. Running will increase your strength and stamina, and you will notice effects quickly. 

The optimal routine combines lengthy running with sprint workouts. My advice is to use running tracks because the stress on the knees is less.

Hand Wrap:

In the beginning, you’ll find wrist and hand injuries more common because the hand’s soft bones and tendons take time to become strengthened. Don’t skimp on hand wraps because they are your next most crucial line of defense against hand and arm damage.

Drink water:

Water is an essential component of living organisms to carry out functions. The human body needed 50-65% of water. While training the Muay Thai, your body requires a lot of water. Scientists found that a shortage of water can result in different fatal effects like improper brain function, headache, and lack of endurance ability. 

As a Muay Thai trainee, drink 2 liters of water daily to hydrate your body continuously. 

Get Private Lessons:

Take private sessions to ensure that your techniques are accurate. In reality, it is hard for the trainer to pay attention to every single participant in a group environment. One-on-one attention is an excellent technique to ensure you’re doing everything right. Sure, it’s more expensive, but just a few sessions can make a big difference.

Start With Light Punches:

This, in my opinion, is the most critical point to consider. Many people begin overly excitedly with their hands of rage and football kicks, only to wind up injured.

Instead, begin with gentle punches/kicks, particularly on the heavy bag, and gradually increase speed and force.

“Pain is the best teacher,” as the saying goes, and the rapid feedback you get from a poorly delivered kick is the best instruction. However, if you perform it on daily basis, you risk causing injury to your health.

Don’t be in a hurry. Strength and speed will come readily after you have proper form.


Inadequate nourishment can produce that sick feeling you have after a workout.

For energy, I suggest taking carbs two hours before training. If you’re willing to experiment with supplements, try Creatine 30 minutes before the workout. Add a drink that contains chocolate malt an hour before for an added boost, and if you are training early in the morning, it is a great energy source.

Seek Advice:

If you are feeling discomfort from striking or are facing difficulties with the methods, contacting your gym friends or teachers for assistance can undoubtedly help you overcome the difficulties.

Sufficient Rest:

Get enough sleep. Insufficient rest and overload might result in additional or more serious injuries. If you have a severe shin injury, stop the kicking to avoid causing further damage to the injury.

It’s difficult to get stronger if you don’t get adequate rest. “To relax is to ready for a longer voyage ahead,” says a Chinese proverb. Take care of your body and get rest intervals when necessary.

The advantages of Muay Thai

  • Improves your fitness
  • Makes you happy
  • Broadens social circle
  • Increase mental strength


Muay Thai is played under a controlled environment to prevent serious injury. However, there are chances to get injured. Above I have explained the introductory techniques. 

Hope you all find this article helpful. 

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