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In-Depth Guide to Exploring Maldives on a Budget

Maldives has been on the top of the list of luxury holiday destinations for quite some time now, and with reason- the luxury resorts, esoteric experiences and exquisite diners around the island can be quite hard on the pockets, no matter how amazing an experience they offer. However, the islands are not entirely inaccessible for budget travellers either. The pristine beaches, magical sunsets and fantastic island experiences offered by Maldives should not be unreachable to anyone solely due to budget constraints.  It is possible for one to experience the magic of Maldives on a limited budget, and here is how.


Stay Local or Choose Guesthouses Over Resorts

While accommodation in Maldives is bound to be more expensive than those in other Southeast Asian countries, one can always find a range of pocket friendly options anywhere. Couchsurfing is popularly done around Maldives; for those new to it, Couchsurfing is a lodging system where locals host tourists at their places. Couchsurfing costs next to nothing, and can be an effective way to save costs in Maldives. However, if you’re not a huge fan of the idea, there are plenty of budget guesthouses around Maldives that offer clean, well-furnished rooms at a nominal rate. Airbnb’s are pretty popular around the island as well, although one must make sure to book their spot well in advance. Head over to the Thrillophilia Maldives reviews section to learn more about budget friendly accommodation in Maldives.

Find a Transport that fits your budget

The best way to travel across islands when on budget is by ferry. Local ferries are frequent, and charge extremely nominal rates. However, ferries generally do not travel to resort islands, and might be a problem for those wanting to visit them. If urgent, however, fishermen boats can be persuaded to ferry one across to these islands. Seaplane rides should be avoided, as they generally charge extremely high rates. 

Tailor your Sightseeing tour to meet your budget

Sightseeing tours may tend to get out of hand when it comes to excursions around Maldives. The best way to tailor a perfect itinerary that suits your needs would be to plan an excursion through your guesthouse. Guesthouses generally offer a whole range of tours and excursions: fishing trips, snorkeling excursions, diving excursions, walking tours and much more.

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All excursions are rated differently, with each guesthouse offering a different price, so make sure to really do your research before choosing the best option for you. Also, it would be advisable to inform the guest house in advance about what excursions you’d like to opt for, so the required arrangements can be made in time. Take a quick look at the Thrillophilia Sitejabber Reviews to learn more about possible budget tours!

Eat on budget

When in Maldives, eating on budget never compromises the quality of the meal. With so little restaurants to go around, most guesthouses around the island generally offer traditional family meals at friendly rates. Some islands even have little coffee houses, where one can venture in for a quick bite. Moreover, fishermen in Maldives generally sell their freshest catch at the beaches in morning- for a truly unique meal, you could even choose to purchase a fish from the markets here and get it cooked at the guesthouse. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I travel to Maldives on a budget?

The only way to reach Maldives is by flight. While flight rates are inflexible, you might be able to catch a cheaper option by booking way in advance and choosing a layover option. Since flights to Maldives are generally frequent, advance booking shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

What are some of the best budget tours offered around Maldives?

Maldives Dhoni Cruise: A budget seven day tour, the Dhoni cruise travels along the southern island of the archipelago

Maldives Dhoni Explorer:  Also a seven day tour, Dhoni Explorer cruise generally offers far more activities and costs a little bit higher 

Maldives Island Hopping tour: This 8 day tour travels across many of Maldives’ public islands, includes accommodation in guest houses and a bunch of tourist opportunities 

Check out the Thrillophilia reviews for more information on budget trips in Maldives. 

Which islands are the best to stay at on a budget trip?

Across all 26 atolls, there are 100 private resort islands in Maldives. The rest are open to the public, and are best suited to budget travelers. Here’s a quick overview at some of the best islands to stay at:

Maafushi: Maafushi houses Maldives’ very first guesthouse which opened in 2010. It is also home to the biggest selection of budget accommodation, tourist spots and services in Maldives. 

Keyodhoo: This small island can be explored in a day. There are a few good guesthouses and eateries to choose from here.

Thoddoo: Not far from Male, Thoddoo is one of the few public islands that has a bikini beach of its own. Plenty of budget accommodation options can be found here as well. 

Guraidhoo: Also close to Male, Guraidhoo is known for its great beaches, and is regarding as one of the best Maldives islands for surfing sports

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