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Netherlandsbased Blocks 33m, Netherlands-based Betty Blocks raises $33M

In a recent venture round led by SmartFin Capital, Netherlands-based Betty Blocks has raised $33M to help accelerate company growth and improve its product suite. [netherlandsbased blocks 33m]


Key Takes:

  • Betty Blocks raised $33M in a venture round led by SmartFin Capital to accelerate growth
  • They offer a no-code software creation platform and customization tools for non-programmers
  • Funding will improve existing products, expand into new aPaaS, and hire new talent
  • Notable clients include National Dutch Police, The Salvation Army, and Deloitte
  • The company currently employs 200 people and will hire more talent

Betty Blocks is a Netherlands-based software company that allows its client to build applications with no coding skills required. The company also offers customization tools that can be operated by those with little or no prior coding knowledge.

In a recent funding round led by SmartFin Capital on August 11, 2021, the company raises $33 million to support company growth and hire new talent. 

“This additional funding is a huge milestone for Betty Blocks in proving the success of our company in this very interesting and fast-growing market,” said the CEO of Betty Blocks, Chris Obdam. [netherlandsbased blocks 33m]

Also, the fresh funding will be used to improve the existing products and expand the company into new aPaaS (Application as a service) products. Specifically, they will now focus on making or more convenient for non-programmers to build and manage their own applications.

Betty Blocks and its services are loved by the clients. Some of the notable clients of Betty Blocks include the National Dutch Police, The Salvation Army, and Deloitte. Overall, the company has roots all over Europe and Atlanta. As the fresh funding is received, the CEO also stated that some of the money will be used to expand the company’s regional offices.

“In order to create enterprise-grade apps, we are concentrating on business developers and fusion teams. To do this, we provide an all-in-one platform, which means that everything required to create enterprise-grade apps can be found in a single cloud-based IDE,” said the CEO.

Betty Blocks Financial Profile

Announcement Date Funding Round  Lead Investor Money Raised
August 11, 2021 Venture Round SmartFin $33M
November 13, 2017 Venture Round ING Group €3M

Betty Blocks raised $36.5M in 2 funding rounds, with the latest on Aug 11, 2021, from SmartFin and NIBC Bank N.V. [netherlandsbased blocks 33m]

About Betty Blocks

Based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, Betty Blocks was founded in 2016 by Chris Obdam who is also the current CEO of the company. Betty Blocks uses cloud-based services and tools to help non-developers build their own applications, without having to have any prior coding knowledge. The company currently employs 200 people and the recent investment will be used to hire more talent.

Back when brothers Chris and Tim Obdam created an illegal radio station as they stayed on the air with no money at all, the idea of Betty Blocks came into Chris’ mind and he went on to develop this no-code application service. [netherlandsbased blocks 33m]

What’s unique about Betty Blocks is that it empowers unique tech ideas to become reality. Every now and then, people have unique ideas but they lack the programming and technical knowledge necessary or enough funding to hire developers. This is where Betty Blocks comes into play. 

The platform offers you services and tools so that you can build an app even if you don’t have coding skills. Mostly, their clients are big companies and enterprises who want their employees to be able to design and build software solutions in managed and governed way.

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