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Signs It’s Time to Replace Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is expensive, so most firms go out of their way to provide adequate maintenance and repair heavy machinery when it breaks down. Eventually, though, the cost of continuing to make repairs will outweigh that of replacing the equipment. Read on to find out about the signs the time has come to replace aging equipment.

Construction Equipment


Repair Costs Are Getting Too High

If a piece of equipment keeps experiencing the same problems over and over, it doesn’t always make sense to keep fixing them instead of looking into heavy construction equipment for sale. New equipment, or even used equipment that’s in better shape, will require a greater upfront investment, but it’s usually a better one than continuing to spend money on a malfunctioning machine.

A good rule of thumb is to replace equipment if the repairs would cost 50% of the purchase price or more. Of course, that’s a bit of an oversimplification, but it’s fine to view it as a starting point for informed decision-making.

The Equipment Is Unsafe

It’s never acceptable to continue using unsafe equipment. Working in the construction industry is already dangerous, so there’s no excuse for knowingly placing workers in even greater danger by providing them with faulty or unreliable equipment. Whether safety standards have changed since the machine was purchased or it has experienced a breakdown that can’t be affordably resolved, replacing unsafe equipment is always the right call.

There Are Noticeable Drops in Efficiency

Construction equipment needs to function efficiently both in terms of fuel consumption and speed. Crews need to be able to work at a reasonable pace, and old, inefficient equipment can slow them down, costing the firm more money in labor and making it more difficult to meet strict deadlines. Switching to newer, more efficient, and faster equipment will save the company money in the long run.

It’s Hard to Use

Older equipment can be more difficult to use than its modern counterparts. The machines tend to be heavier, more confusing to operate, and less feature-rich than modern ones. Workers who were trained when the use of older equipment was still commonplace may have no problem operating outdated machines, but newer hires often require more training and may never learn how to use the equipment efficiently.

The Quality of Work Is Suffering

New equipment always does a great job at performing its intended job. Over time, it loses efficiency and, in some cases, accuracy, even with adequate maintenance. Replacing older equipment that is no longer producing quality results is usually a better idea than continuing to waste time and materials to deliver lower-quality products.

It’s Time to Find a Supplier

Once it’s clear that it’s time to replace equipment, construction firm owners have another decision to make. They’ll need to find a supplier that offers new or used equipment at reasonable prices. Don’t be afraid to shop around, ask for quotes from multiple suppliers, or look into used equipment that’s in better shape than the machines being replaced if money is an issue.

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