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Should we rely on Buchhaltung Wien in 2021 Or File Our Own Taxes?

Some SMEs sometimes have difficulty keeping their accounts: it must be said that this task requires specific knowledge and a lot of know-how, especially since the slightest small error can lead to severe problems in the functioning and development of the company. Hence the need to have a competent and reliable accountant at his disposal. 

What is an accountant?

The accountant takes care of the processing of a company’s financial and accounting data. In the case of an SME, the job of an accountant is pretty general because he only takes charge of the available financial control of the company: namely law, taxation, and human resources. He is responsible for the regular updating of the accounts, while:

  • controlling banking operations,
  • ensuring the management of payslips as well as the declaration of social contributions,
  • but also by establishing invoices and tax declarations.

Each year, end of the quarter, or key period in the company, the accountant is the one who provides quantified reports of the financial development of the company for which he works. It is an essential employee in the life of a company such as an SME. Note that a good accountant must have an analytical mind, reliable and organized says Accountant Vienna

( Buchhaltung Wien ).

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Company executives have the choice of performing accounting tasks by Accountant Vienna (Buchhaltung Wien). Even if each position is defended, doing business with an accounting firm undoubtedly has many advantages. The solution also offers the advantage of freeing up the manager’s time, allowing him to practice his profession and devote himself entirely to the operational management of his company.

1) Doing business with an accounting firm means benefiting from the assistance of a professional able to manage all or part of the accounting, taxation, and payroll. Depending on the scope of the mission entrusted to it, the firm can take charge of:

  • keeping accounting books;
  • the preparation and payment of federal and provincial taxes;
  • editing payslips;
  • The production of monthly and annual summary reports, the annual declaration of salaries, issuing employment records, and management of fringe benefits.

On request, he can also set up missions to review and audit the company’s accounts.

2) The professionals of the accounting firm are experts in their field

  • They benefit from continuous training and follow accounting, social, legislative, and fiscal developments;
  • They perfectly master the tax and social calendars and supervise the company to avoid penalties and interest on erroneous or late remittances;
  • They have the experience enabling them to assist managers, represent them and best defend the interests of the company, particularly in matters of tax audits;
  • They are used to negotiating with tax and payroll tax collection agencies.

Their experience and external vision offer the necessary perspective to present a synthetic situation, objectively analyze its results, and advise the manager says Accountant Vienna (Buchhaltung Wien).

3) Getting assistance from an accounting firm saves time and money

Too often, the use of the services of an accounting firm is wrongly perceived as a costly expense that the company could do without.

  • Plan and optimize the deductions and available credits;
  • Maximize the profitability of the company or group of companies;
  • Save time, and consequently money, by freeing the manager from the tasks of accounting, taxation and payroll to allow him to devote himself to the operational management of his business;
  • To do without investing in tools dedicated to accounting and in particular software, updates and specific training;

Not to have to manage absences, illnesses, or leave of accounting staff, nor risk missing deadlines.

To each his profession, as the popular saying goes, which takes its measure in this context.

A leader must be able to be available to work in what is his field: the management of his company.

His job requires him to devote his time and energy to managing his activity and teams and developing markets. The accounting firm represents the ideal partner for the manager and the company: it provides expertise to take charge of accounting and tax tasks. It offers cost optimization and synthetic and objective analysis. Of the financial situation, he is allowing the leader to make informed strategic decisions.

There is a growing trend where they choose to work with cloud services regardless of the size of companies. The cloud is an internet platform that allows data and software to be accessible at any time, place and from any device, among other benefits.

With data stored in the cloud, collaboration within and with other businesses improves and becomes more flexible. When accounting software is cloud-based, among other benefits, it also allows all transactions and entries to be processed immediately, and the storage of large volumes of data is possible.

Now, if the question is: what is the difference between taking Accounting with cloud software or “desktop” software?

Initially, both offer the same functionality to keep the accounting records and do the entire accounting process. But there is one big difference: Cloud Accounting applications run on remote servers and are accessed through a web browser.

This helps companies reduce costs in two ways: There is no investment in installing, configuring, and maintaining physical servers. That money can then be used for other areas of the company! And on the other hand, it facilitates work from home or from anywhere, reducing fixed costs such as office rent, for example.

Your Accounting: anytime, anywhere

Of course, there are also drawbacks, but these are so rare that Accountant Vienna (Buchhaltung Wien) will not mention them for now for this text. For example, how likely is it to be without the Internet for several days?

Advantages of an online accounting system

Among all the advantages of accounting software in the cloud for companies, we make a selection of the most relevant:

Take your Accounting more agile from anywhere and at any time.

If you use this type of software, it is not necessary to download new versions or perform.

Data security: the information is hosted on servers and, according to the trajectory, experience and recognition of the brand or company, there are high levels and international security standards.

Access management: it is possible to manage which people and which company have access to the software and the information it contains.

Access from any device: computer, cell phone or tablet, with an Internet connection.

In terms of accounting practice, the advantages are:

Define the structure of the Chart of Accounts with greater flexibility. 

On a single screen, you can view the Chart of Accounts and balance information.

Automatically generate Catalogues. 

In addition to being an expert in accounting, the accountant is also able to support the company manager in strategic moments: he can, in particular, propose solutions adapted to the situation of the company for the choice of fiscal, legal and social options. He can also be counted on to develop effective strategies that allow SMEs to pay fewer taxes and charges.

The Accountant Vienna (Buchhaltung Wien) can also help the company manager choose the correct option during key moments of the company, particularly during recruitment, investment, and redemption. And in the event of a decrease in capital, it is also able to propose solutions. Effective in saving the company and optimizing its capital as quickly as possible.

In short, hiring an accountant is essential for SMEs. They want more sustainable business management: security, peace of mind, and sustainable development will be necessary with a good accountant within the company.

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