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Sims 4 Latest Fashion Kits & Outfits

Sims 4 has introduced a variety of new skin tones as a part of their “Season of Selves” event. It’s good news for people who have felt that the game doesn’t offer enough diversity. Say goodbye to making your character look like an Oompa-Loompa. Now you can be assured that your Sim is in fact a little bit pail, or even green like Shrek.

Amidst an onslaught of exciting updates, an amazing new feature has been released for the Sims. The two kits that were announced today are an Indian Arrivals kit and a Korean Fashion street kit. There will be more kits announced after these, however, with one more relating to fashion and another focusing more on building.

You’ve got enough things going on in your life — like Kimchi and Gimbap — that you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’re looking stylish. We do. Whether we’re doing the grocery shopping, heading to work, or visiting Korea for the first time, we want sims 4 mods clothes that are nice and warm but still fashionable.

Sims 4 may have been released after a long hiatus, but it’s been worth the wait. This time around players have more control over their character design and can make some crazy outfits that we wish we could wear in real life. One of the best new additions to the game is the addition of Indian fashion.

You don’t have to settle for lotion when you can wash your hair with soap! This shampoo could be the perfect addition to your everyday routine. Available soon, you can pick up this product if you want to make sure your hair stays shiny, soft and healthy. There will be plenty more products like this to come out soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for games news.

Sims 4 Spa Day

Sims 4 is one of the most popular computer games today, especially amongst young people. However, reviews have stated that it could use a bit of a refresh, so the team behind the game decided to give players exactly that with an update. Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh Update adds new features, including more spa items, more hairstyles, more makeup options and more.

Spa Day has introduced a bevy of new features to its already-engaging gameplay. Specifically, the “Kitchen & Dining” expansion and the “Superheroes & Villains” update are sure to garner positive reactions from existing players and newcomers alike.

In the Spa Day refresh, Sims will be able to take a much-needed day off and go on a trip to the spa. You can choose from a variety of treatments such as getting your nails done, giving yourself or your friends a mud mask, going to a sauna, having a massage or getting a manicure and pedicure!

Nails are out of the question for any true Sims enthusiast. From changing the colour to the shape and size, this is a complete package for any creative Simmer to get their nails done. The new yoga mat designs fit in perfectly in a Sims room — not just the spa! If your Sim is feeling groovy then bust a move!

Sims 4 Getaway Update is out now! The new update includes: New aspirations, new ways to earn money, a new wellness skill, and more. With the Sim’s newest Aspiration – Self Care Specialist – Sims with this trait will relax in various ways during the day. They can sit quietly and focus on meditating for three hours for Wellness skill gain, or take a bubble bath for a more relaxed moodlet.

If you already own the base package, now is a great time to update to the new versions. If you’re still on the fence, consider grabbing the expansion pack. If you want to get in on the Sims action, click through for more information!

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