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Some of the Best Springfit Mattresses That Are Good For The Orthopedic Patient

After a long and hectic day, we come back home and lie down on our bed to get some proper rest. But if your mattress is not correct, it won’t provide you with the necessary comfort and cause severe health issues. Orthopaedic patients especially should pay attention when they choose a mattress. Springfit mattress offers its customers a wide range of products that can help with orthopaedic problems. People often purchase a mattress based on its price and size. But there is a lot more to check, such as the material, firmness or softness, and other features. You will find many products readily available in the market, but you need to know which one to purchase for an orthopaedic patient. We have compiled a list of products that you should check and then make the purchase accordingly.


Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are known for providing support and comfort to both the heavy as well as light areas of your body. If you have back pain, neck pain, or any problem with your joints, professionals will recommend you sleep on a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattress helps the user to maintain a natural curvature while you sleep on your side or on your back. The most significant feature of memory foam mattresses is their elasticity. When you apply pressure to the memory foam, it absorbs and adjusts according to your body shape—this way, the weight gets distributed evenly and helps relieve pain.

Spring mattress

Many households and hotels often have these spring mattresses. You will have a list of spring mattresses to choose from, but the Bonnell springs are the oldest out of them. You will find new technology applied to mattresses, but Bonnell spring is still a hit among people. This type of mattress has been in the market for over ten years but is still in high demand. The mattress has an hourglass shape with self-tied or knotted wire end. The core of this mattress is made with several springs connected with the help of a spring wire. To make sure it does not lose the structure after a while, strong border wire is used. Then other support layers are added to this core.

Reactive foam mattress

The reactive foam mattress is specially designed by Springfit mattress for orthopaedic patients. This product was manufactured with a stress-relieving concept. The product comes with open-cell foam, and by re-bonding shredded pieces of foam into a single piece, this product is created. By doing this process, the product becomes dense and provides the users with a solid and firm base. Due to this extra density, you will get support for your spine. Also, the bodyweight will be distributed equally. The special adhesive is used when this product is manufactured and thus, ensures durability and sustainability. It is made with pure high resilient foam.

Natural latex mattress

When you search online, you will see that a latex mattress is the most durable option. You can use this product without facing any difficulty for over ten years. This is a popular choice among users who wants protection from allergens, consistent support, and a night of peaceful sleep. The company ensures to use purest natural rubber to manufacture all the latex mattresses. This makes the product safe for the environment and healthy to use. Many people who are allergic to latex can still find options for comfort layers made of memory foam or HR foam. But it consists of a latex core.

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Orthopaedic mattress

As the name suggests, this type of mattress is specially made for orthopaedic patients. But finding the right product is a tough task, but Springfit mattress provides the right product. When you use this product, you will see that there is a reduction in back pain and joint pain. While you use this product, you will understand that always using a hard mattress does not ensure proper support. Rather using a very hard mattress can cause another health issue. The company has curated this product to meet the needs of Indians and orthopaedic patients.

If you are in search of an orthopaedic mattress, then Springfit mattresses are the best choice for you. Go over to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and choose the right product. Then with the help of the EMI Network Card, you can make the payment. You will also get additional benefits such as No Cost EMI with zero down payment.

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