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Some of the most iconic shows on Disney Channel

Whenever you want an instant hit of nostalgia, you should always tune in to any show on Disney Channel since all of them are like a blast from the past. Many of us have grown up watching Disney Channel to the point that it became an essential part of our childhood. Some ISPs such as Xfinity give people an amazing lineup since the Xfinity channel lineup has a plethora of channels to watch. 

These companies also give you many streaming services which including Disney+ as well, and the best part is that you can watch all the old Disney shows on Disney+. Here are some of the most iconic Disney shows that you should watch today for that hit of nostalgia. 

That’s So Raven

That’s So Raven will always remain to be one of the most iconic shows made by Disney. The concept behind the show was intriguing and the comedic factor made the show quite interesting to watch. The show features Raven Symone, who plays the lead character under her name. 

The iconic factor of the show is the fact that Raven has psychic abilities that allow her to have visions of the future, she can help herself, and other people in situations that she knows are going to happen. Raven has two best friends, Chelsea and Eddie who stick with her like glue and can be seen as the best friend’s one would always want to have, setting that benchmark high.

Kim Possible

The show was later turned into a live-action movie. Kim Possible is one of the best-animated shows of all time. Kim Possible is about a girl with the same name who is caught up in two different lives, the life of a teenager and the life of a crime-fighting hero. Her best friend Ron assists her and a “guy in the chair” named Wade who gives her all the intel that she needs.

The show manages to tackle the teenage drama that a girl would normally face and how she has to dangle between her two lives and find a balance between them. She also catches feelings for her best friend Ron and the two of them have a very sweet relationship together. The show was not only loved by people while it was airing but it is even loved by people today. 

Phineas and Ferb

Two brothers are stuck in their summer vacations and every day they need to find something interesting to do so that they could keep themselves busy during the summer. Now one would normally think that they want to hang out and play around but that is not the case. They create mind-boggling inventions and they make it a really fun experience to watch. Both the brother have a pet Platypus named Perry who ironically is a spy who fights crime. 

They also have an elder sister named Candace who always tries to expose their activities to their mother but somehow she fails every time. The show has amazing animation, a brilliant theme song that 90’s kids would know by heart, and the kind of storyline that would keep you hooked and wanting more. 

Wizards of Waverly Place

You could say this is like Harry Potter if it was set in modern times and the city of New York. The show is about three siblings and their parents who come from a lineage of wizards. They have to find a balance between being wizards and being normal teenagers and the catch is that only some people around them know that they are wizards who can do magic. 

The show stars Selena Gomez as Alex Russo who is the main lead and is in competition with her siblings to see who is the best wizard between her and her two brothers, Justin and Max Russo. Alex Russo is one of Selena’s best roles and she rose to fame ever since she starred in Wizards of Waverly Place. Even today, the show is a delight to watch. 

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 

This show is about two twins named Zack and Cody and how they have a habit of getting into trouble all the time. The show is set in the Tipton Hotel, where the two boys live with their mother who is a single parent and both the boys wreak havoc every single day. Every episode shows how problematic both the boys could be. 

The show stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse, with Dylan playing Zack who is the more problematic of the two and Cole plays Cody, who is problematic as well but is more towards the nerdy side too. The show is still fun to watch and should be on your list. 

Wrapping Up

You should have these shows in mind the next time you tune in to Disney+ and it’ll be like an instant trip back to your childhood. Though all of the actors have now grown up, you can still see how amazing their acting was when they were young. And for the animated ones, well they’ll just remain young forever. 

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