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Swingers Board – The Best Frames To Go With The Major Message Board

If you know the importance of sidewalk signs, then you probably know the value that swinging boards hold. These signs have been introduced decades ago and since their inception, there is no turning back. With so many advanced features and solid structure, you can make these signs last the longest, to cover your business message well. There are higher density plastic bases used, which are outdoor rated and durable with rounded and sleeker corners.

Then you have the Uni-leg and the A-frame Plus sign vases too.  All these options are made using premium quality plastic with structural design elements to them. It will reduce the weight of the product and resist any form of twisting, warping, and bowing at the same time. Both these sign holder bases will have wheels attached to them, in case you want to move the message board from one place to another.

A-frame Plus and the Uni-leg sign base:

The wheel module system is the new thing when it comes to swingers board. Check out the features and the rates of these products, before you choose the right model for your use.

  • The big wheel module is made using the Uni-leg and A-plus frame and it is one of the biggest options available in the market nowadays.
  • All you have to do is just tip the back of the sign and the wheel modules will then get to slip down for that right engage.
  • The latest manufacturing companies are offering models with four oversized wheels of 3 inches each. It can roll over any store obstacle on the way, so that your message can easily glide to the side walk.
  • Some of the companies have two wheels set on their module and the rates will differ as well. Check out the amount you are comfortable to spend, before you can opt for the best sign base to work with.
  • Whenever the sign is standing upright, the e wheels will lock in the cradle and sit on the feet.

The size of the signs:

Before you proceed further and make a choice with the sign, it is time to focus on the size of it. There are various sizes available to match your needs and some of those are 24W x 36H or the 48W x 36H.

  • You can opt for the printed image on the sign faces or can opt for the changeable message board. If you run a restaurant with new menus at regular interval, then changing message board is the one to watch out for.
  • If you have enough money to spend, opt for the double-sided swinging board. Here, you can print message on both sides of the board. You can either place same message on two sides or two different messages. The choice is yours.

These boards will gain attention with its gentle swinging motion.  The faces will have a lower profile, which seems more attractive when it comes to sidewalks. So, check out the available options before the final choice.

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