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The New Alienware Laptop– Pushing Gaming Performance to Unprecedented Levels

With the new Alienware Aurora 2019 gaming desktop, you can use 10th Gen Intel Core processors and liquid-cooled graphics to take your gaming to the next level and play the most recent AAA games at maximum settings without any issues. The Aurora’s configurable buttons and RGB lights let you make it stand out in any environment, whether at home or in your neighborhood sports venue. Thanks to its simplicity of use and straightforward upgradeability, this stylish tower will be with you for years to come. Find out more about how the google pixel can advance your gaming.

Choose an M.2 SSD

M.2 solid-state drives are a simple update that can boost the performance of your PC. M.2 is a terrific place to start if you’re thinking of getting a new gaming setup or just want to give your existing one a little more oomph. Despite being compact, these drives perform significantly better than standard hard disc drives, allowing users to spend more time playing and less time waiting for games and applications to load and reply.

Get an Overclocked 10th Gen Intel Core CPU

Unlocked CPUs are one of my favorite new features on higher-end computers. With the addition of an overclock capability, Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors now allow you to raise or lower your CPU speeds for improved performance or reduced power usage. Even while the majority of gamers don’t need overclocking because their graphics cards handle the most of the processing, it’s a nice perk if you want to perform a lot of taxing jobs like video editing and streaming. Additionally, the desktop has liquid cooling, which can reduce noise by diverting heat from crucial parts like your processor and graphics card. Before purchasing a PC like this, you should still learn more about liquid cooling, but overall it’s a terrific feature that improves gaming computers’ efficiency without reducing their raw power.

Customize with Graphics

Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors, which are optimized for gaming and high performance, power the new. Experience excellent gaming performance and fluid visuals with up to an Intel Core i9-9900K processor or an Intel Core i7-9700K CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads.

Choose the Best Display for You

Having a fantastic display is essential for gaming. Three different display options are available on the new: UHD (3840 x 2160), 4K (3200 x 1800), and WQHD (2560 x 1440). Which one do you choose as they all offer different viewing experiences? Let’s talk about your choices.

Add Memory, Storage, and Connectivity

You might believe that 8GB is sufficient for gaming, but if you want to play at higher resolutions or with the visuals turned up, you might need a little bit more. Therefore, choosing 16GB (or even 32GB) will provide you some breathing room if you opt to increase the in-game graphic settings.

Connect to Wi-Fi at home or on the Go

Any gamer who uses a laptop or desktop computer must be able to connect to Wi-Fi. You’ll want a device that’s ready for gaming right out of the box whether you’re utilizing a portable, Inspiron, XPS, Precision, or G series machine. When it counts, the 10th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel Octane RAM found in some systems offer excellent performance for online gaming and fluid video streaming.

Protect & Secure with Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built-in feature of Windows 10 that assists you in protecting your computer from malware, spyware, viruses, and other potentially harmful programmers. Open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection to configure Windows Defender with Windows 10 Pro. Then, under Virus & Threat Protection Settings, click Get Started. Additionally, you may read more about Windows Defender’s use here.

Upgrade Wireless Performance

The rise in wireless speeds of Intel’s new 10th Gen Core CPUs is one of the most significant improvements and can be useful whether you’re gaming or just surfing. Less latency and more dependable connections result from the new 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi technology, which has the potential to increase wireless performance by up to 1.7 times over earlier versions.

Complete Your PC Purchase Experience

Imagine purchasing a new gaming desktop only to discover that there aren’t enough USB ports for all of your preferred accessories. You can only afford one of an Intel Core i7 or a Radeon RX Vega 64, for example. The good news is that modern computers are more potent than ever, yet with such tremendous potential comes serious risks for first-time PC owners. Fortunately, there are workarounds for these frequent problems that won’t drain your money account.


Even if powerful computers like the gaming desktop from are already a huge help to gamers, it’s crucial to keep in mind that PCs—even high-end ones—still fall short of dedicated gaming consoles in terms of graphic processing capability. Why does that matter? Even if your hardware is state-of-the-art, you won’t be able to take full use of it until game developers port (or port) your game. This informative article written by teamleadskills.

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