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The Twenty20 form of cricket

Currently, the International Cricket Council recognizes three main forms of cricket. This means that matches played with any of these sets of rules are recorded in the official cricket statistics. The three of them, which are at betting in play, cater to different kinds of cricket audiences. They correspond to:

  • First-class matches;
  • List A contests;
  • and Twenty20 events.

As it happened with other shorter forms of cricket, the Twenty20 matches were created mostly due to reduced audiences. Not only that, because reduced sponsorships were also cited as a reason for the creation of these events. These needs led to the creation of this form of discipline back in 2003. It immediately had a positive reception. Fans have been delighted by it, by betting in play on 1xBet or by following every single of its matches.

How does a game look like

The need for shorter matches was what led to the eventual creation of the set of rules of T20 games. Its goal was to offer events that could be more exciting and highly paced. This led to better – cricket betting rates and contests of this sport.

Games played in this format generally look like this. Each squad will have a single innings to bat. Each one of them will have 20 overs. This means that a single innings will have an average duration of 90 minutes. Considering that there is a 10 minute break between both innings, each match is a little bit more than three hours long.

The popularity created by this form of cricket has helped to spread the sport all across the world. This has led to better cricket betting rates on 1xBet and to an increased number of individuals interested in the discipline.

Differences with other forms

It is quite straightforward to distinguish Twenty20 matches from other forms of cricket. The most apparent difference is the number of overs. Specifically, T20 matches feature 20 overs on each innings. By consequence, matches are faster, allow for more chances to use, and offer more opportunities to score.

By contrast, One Day Internationals, also known as ODI, feature 50 overs per innings. This means that, while it is possible to finish games in a single day, they tend to be quite long. Needless to say, T20 contests are radically different from Test-matches or other forms of cricket where the number of overs is not limited.
The differences between T20 matches and other forms of cricket, and its unique aspects, have turned it into an extremely popular form. This is the main reason for the creation of the Twenty20 World Cups. They have been highly attractive, are present at 1xBet, and have offered epic matches.

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