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The UK has a new immigration system

At 11 PM  on 31.12.2020 the history changed and with it, the free movement with the European Union(EU) ended. The UK has now initiated new immigration rules which are also referred to as the UK Points-based Immigration system.

Under this new points-based system any individual or business looking to enter the UK either for work, study or establish a branch or whole subsidiary may need to go through this process. This process was set active with immediate effect from 01 January 2021.

It is so important that employers have a complete understanding of this new immigration system when they are hiring the UK or non-UK nationals. While hiring eligible workers for their Business, there are various routes through which skilled workers can enter the UK and also gain settlement with Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Changes in Settlement

Settling in the UK or Settlement is also known as indefinite leave to enter or remain and means an applicant can stay in the UK without any immigration control if their Indefinite Leave to Remain is granted.

EU citizens will additionally be provided with secure access to their immigration status information through an online service which will confirm their rights and can access that service to check their immigration control.

All EU or non-EU citizens will need to demonstrate to the UK visa and Immigration their right to work and will be treated equally under the new immigration system.

Understanding the Points-based system in detail

What is a new points-based system?

The new points-based system has replaced the pre-existing points-based system and is now streamlined, simplified to a single immigration policy system for all EU or non-EU citizens.

The new points-based system will work in  5 tier systems

Tier 1 – very high skilled workers

Tier 2 – skilled workers with a job offer in hand

Tier 3 – low skilled workers

Tier 4 – overseas students

Tier 5 – youth mobility and temporary workers.

A minimum of 70 points are required, which include 50 mandatory points and 20 tradeable points

The visa application process for students coming to the UK will also be assessed as per the new immigration system. The students can apply through the UK Student visa or if they already have a UK Student visa they can seek to apply for a Graduate visa and gain new after study-work opportunities in the UK.

The application process under the New points-based system

The application must be made online with all the required documents uploaded on the UK visa and Immigration website.

The applicant also needs to book and attend their Biometrics appointment.

The applicant must pay the standard application fee and Immigration Health Surcharge as the mandatory part of the application.

How much will the application fee cost?

The application fee will depend on the type of visa you have secured and the job role and the number of years you will stay in the UK. Typically, the standard fee is between £610 and £1,408 per application

The individual will also have to pay an Immigration health surcharge of £624 per person per year when you apply.

The applicants must also show that they can live in the UK on their own and have enough financial resources to support themselves.

 Take legal assistance

The visa process can be daunting especially with the change in the immigration system. It is best to seek support from the best Immigration expert. A Y & J Solicitors have been helping their clients for over 10 years now with their bespoke visa and immigration consultation.

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