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The worst national football team

When talking about international football, many people think about its best teams. Those squads are a great reason to visit betting site 1xBet now, as they are normally expected to win their matches. Some of the squads that lead the rankings to include:

  • Germany;
  • Brazil;
  • France;
  • and Italy.

On the other hand, the opposite side of the ranking can also be an interesting place to observe. Some of the teams that have been located at the lowest places of the FIFA ranking include San Marino, Andorra, Bhutan, among others.

Yet, despite San Marino being one of the worst national teams in the world when it comes to its FIFA ranking, it is possible to see it featured in high-profile matches. Most of the time, they play against some of the best nations in the world in qualifiers for the FIFA or Euro Cups. Many reasons to go now and visit betting site 1xBet are the safe wagers that can be made on San Marino’s rivals.

The beginnings of the team

Despite San Marino existing for hundreds of years as a country, its first official match only took place in 1990. Between 1990 and 1991 they lost all the qualifying matches for the 1992 UEFA Euro. In a total of eight matches, the team conceded 33 goals and scored just one. These high-scoring matches are great for making any sport bet live on 1xBet website, as they offer excellent opportunities that can be followed.

Later, San Marino had the chance to try their luck in the qualifiers for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. They had an extremely difficult group. Their first match was a 0-10 loss against Norway. However, later San Marino managed to get their first point ever. This was after they were able to hold Turkey 0-0 in a match played in the small country.

Curiously, Davide Gualtieri, who was a San Marino player back in the early 90s, managed to score the fastest FIFA World Cup qualifier goals ever. This was done after just 8.3 seconds in a match against England. However, the English team, who are customary to follow on any sport live bet at the 1xBet website, scored seven in that match.

The first win ever

San Marino needed to play more than 70 matches for 14 years before their first win came. This was on the 28th of April 2004. The Sammarinese team defeated Liechtenstein 1-0 with a goal scored by Andy Selva. To bet on football now – 1xBet when these two teams play between each other is always an excellent idea, as there is great gameplay and great betting results.The 15th of November 2014 marked another milestone for San Marino. Here they drew a match 0-0 against Estonia. This cut their catastrophic run of 61 consecutive losses. While San Marino is expected to lose in almost every football match, a lot of people follow 1xBet now and bet on them. Especially when they play against teams of a high level.

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