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This is why you are always exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep

Feeling exhausted after a complete night of sleep is nothing to ignore. It is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Exhaustion or fatigue may be a result of a very serious medical issue or lifestyle choice. Regardless, it could affect your physical and mental well-being if not taken care of. 

Why you feel exhausted even after a full night’s sleep

You do not have an active lifestyle


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Your sedentary lifestyle could be the main reason why you have tiredness and low energy levels when you exercise. And that’s understandable, most people do not have time for exercise especially with a busy schedule. However, lack of exercise can have negative physical effects on your body.

One or the main effects of lack of exercise is risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome. It is characterized by extreme fatigue throughout the day. You may also notice low endurance strength which can limit your ability to work, exercise and sleep like a regular person. 

The best way to get over this is to have an active lifestyle. Exercise will help boost your energy levels and this can have positive effects on your sleeping patterns. Exercising a couple hours, a day, favorably way before your sleep time will help you create a healthy sleep routine. 

You are taking too many refined carbs before bed

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Carbs are known to be a quick energy source, which is great, but they can also have a negative effect on the body and your sleep patterns. When you consume carbs, it is broken down to sugar which is used to fuel the body. If you consume too much processed carbs and sugar throughout the day, it could be the reason why you don’t et enough rest. 

The carbs and sugars cause a rapid rise in blood sugar which in turn signals your pancreas to produce large insulin amounts and this gets your sugar from your blood to your cells. A rise in blood sugar can make you feel exhausted throughout the day and it gets worse of you are used to refined carbs in all your meals. If you want to keep stable energy levels throughout the day, you need to replace your sugar and refined arbs with fiber-rich foods. 

Instead of refined carbs, consider taking protein and healthy calories. Protein helps boost metabolism as opposed to carbs and this can help increase your energy levels throughout the day which is very much needed. 

You are not getting high quality sleep

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The amount of sleep you get does not count of you are getting poor quality sleep. Normally, you would think that getting around 8 hours of sleep is enough to make you feel energized throughout the day but that is not always the case. After 8 hours of sleep, you should wake up feeling energized and alert. 

You are expected to feel peaceful, comfortable and alert with a well-rested brain. If this is not the case, then you might be having some sleep issues. If you are regulating your sleeping conditions like light, eating right and involved in regular exercise then the issue is with your sleeping environment.

Chances are, you are facing major sound and noise pollution which prevents you from getting quality sleep. It could also be that you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or bed. Mattresses with bulges, bumps and holes will leave you turning and tossing and this can prevent your body and brain from getting their well-deserved sleep. In this case, replacing your beddings will help you get more productive nights. The best Nectar mattress should help you find a suitable mattress that can help you increase your sleep quality and reduce your fatigue levels during the day. 

You do not hydrate 

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Many people have grown accustomed to drinks other than water to quench their thirst. I get it, drinks like coffer and energy drinks are great for an energy boost throughout the day. However, they can really mess with your sleeping cycle. That temporary energy boost you get will turn into fatigue the moment the effects wear out. The best way to beat this is to stay hydrated and cut out or reduce the amount of energy drinks and caffein throughout the day.

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