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Top 10 DC Villains Who are Stronger than Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, is listed as the toughest superheroes from the Marvel Universe. Even before receiving the supernatural powers, she was a strong woman who fought for herself. She was a successful writer and a passionate pilot — and all this became possible due to her determination and poised-self. 

Well, if you are a huge Captain Marvel fan, then no offense, there are a lot of villains from the DC World who could give her a tough fight and even beat her if they ever come across. Although that is not even possible, not even in the parallel universe, some fans still argue on the differentiation between some DC Villains and Captain Marvel. So, let’s have a look at some most popular ones;



Popular with the name title of ‘Evil-doer,’ Perpetua is the mother of the DC Multiverse and a part of Super Celestials — a race of god-like beings. She is, so far, the most powerful contender on this list. Not just the creatures of the Multiverse, but her fear has its presence even in the second universe — Omniverse. Well, there is a reason behind it, though. She can destruct and produce a thing as big as the entire universes! 

Her powers make her stronger than almost all the villains and superheroes present in all the universes merged. She has some real strong roots with the criminal mastermind — Lex Luthor as well, so do you think that Captain Marvel could defeat her with her speed? Absolutely, no!


The name is enough to give the idea of what he is. He is surely not a loving person but is the supervillain from the DC world who is capable of defeating a superhero from his universe — our very own, Superman. Is Superman more powerful than Captain Marvel? Let’s leave this discussion and come back to Doomsday; he is brutal, and by that we mean, an unstoppable villain who knows doom. 

He won’t even spare killing his friends, let alone his enemies. The cherry on the top is his power to learn the patterns of the combats of his opponents. So, Carol Danvers, no matter what you do, he is going to copy you and will most certainly defeat you if you are thinking of fighting with him alone.


The offspring of two violent people will be, without any doubt, a monster. Grail has in-built immortal abilities. Her combatant skills of giving her opponents a tough fistfight are a gift for her from her father. Her skills give her an edge, which will be nearly impossible to follow up with if both extremely powerful women ever come across.

Lex Luthor:

The DC villain who has no superpowers but still became successful in keeping people off their feet is none other than Lex Luthor. He was the opponent of Superman, and despite him having a lot of superpowers, Lex made his life a disaster with his mind. He is capable of beating others strategically. So, no matter if you are Captain Marvel having all the strength and speed of the world, Lex could manipulate you cleverly without even making you suspicious.


The archnemesis of Wonder Woman, Ares, kept all the superheroes in a dilemma throughout the 2017’s standalone Wonder Woman movie. Although he remained hidden, he still had a huge influence in the film and even has the power of starting a war among humans. He is officially the ‘God of War’ and has some unchallenging superpowers, including controlling fire, traveling through a range of dimensions, transforming into different shapes, teleporting, and a lot of others. These powers give him an edge over Captain Marvel! 


Anti-Monitor is another DC villain from the group of Celestials, possessing some incomprehensible delights of power and strength. He is immortal, having many big dreams of conquering and absorbing galaxies. He is all negative, means you can’t spare him by any chance; he will come after you. If Captain Marvel tackles this sinister, she needs an army of superheroes with her.


While talking about DC Villains, one could never think of Trigon. He is the most underrated but one of the most powerful villains of the DC world. If you are a Teen Titans fan, then you must know about him and his strength. Even though he isn’t that famous, he still is not weak. He is the synonym of the word ‘demon,’ by deeds as well as by looks.
He is proficient in creating illusions, unimaginable transformations, releasing powerful beams of energy, and even control energy. All these powers make him a complete package of the perfect villain, which is hard for Captain Marvel to overcome with her skills.


Another immortal addition to the supervillain list, Eclipso, may seem not that stiff, but the powers he has, are enough to scare the hell out of anyone. He is perceived to be a fictitious character who has his soul captured in the Heart of Darkness. He also has some diamonds on his armor, which are chunks of his spirit. He can use these sharp diamond pieces to infect and trap his opponents. If Captain Marvel ever touches him, she definitely would have no chance of breathing the next air.

General Zod:

Captain Zod and Carol Danvers both have almost the same kinds of competencies. Being solid, quick, and possessing the ability to fly, are the most prominent superpowers of both. That’s why it is a concept that it would be a feast to enjoy if both ever come across. The fight would be nail-biting, and even Marvel fans would admit that maybe General Zod would be victorious. 


The supervillain from the DC kingdom who has been concealing himself from the cosmos always. He belongs to a region known as Emotional Entities, and they have their reasons. But even though he stays ducked from the people, he has the strength to create fear among the population without doing anything extra or big. He also has this superpower of producing a reality of his own, crazy, right? Can Captain Marvel compete with him in his created reality? Obviously, no. Even if she gears up in the Captain Marvel Jacket, she still won’t be able to keep up with him for a long time.

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