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Top 10 Decor Trends That Will Help Your Home Sell

When it’s time to put your home-sweet-home on the market, it can often feel like a daunting task for the seller. There are many factors that can bump up your equity in your property before you sell. Some to-do list items can be more major, like upgrading appliances, while others can feel more manageable. Look no further for our top 10 décor trends that will help your home sell fast. 

First things first, showing off your space in the best light possible should be top priority when considering home décor trends to help sell your home. It’s best to tackle this task with focus. The living room and master bedroom are the most important rooms to stage. Be sure to clean and declutter the areas and utilize the following tips to make your listing standout in the crowd.

1) Minimal & Neutral

Open floor plans and neutral colors are a huge décor trend with buyers. If you can’t swing tearing down walls and altering your home floor plan, consider selecting furniture that fits your space. No one wants to feel like they’re walking through a maze around your oversized couch. Allowing there to be open space will give the illusion of an airy, and open feel. As for neutral colors, skip on bright and bold and select soft shades all in similar tone to give a cohesive design. You can always add some fun pops of color in more subtle ways than allover wall colors.

2) Inject Comfort

Buyers have spent more time than ever at home recently, and this means that comfort is a huge home décor trend that can be appealing when selling. tablecloth linens To help sell your home, be sure to add touches of comfort to the space by layering textured throw blankets and pillows on your couch, offering a plush contrasting rug, or have a candle burning for a warming flicker.

3) Upgrade Lighting

A simple way to attract buyers is by giving your old light fixtures an upgrade. Not only does a bright and airy space help sell your home, but using fun, updated light fixtures can give the illusion that more upgrades have been done. Consider choosing a statement lamp or fixture to be the focal point of your space. This also allows you to save money on other, cluttering décor items. Don’t be afraid to mix materials and finishes in your lighting choices. Think of this as a statement piece of jewelry. 

4) Flex Spaces

Rethinking and repurposing spaces in your home before listing is a design and décor trend that is huge in current times. Multifunctional spaces are a big selling point for the new working from home mentality that many have adopted. Get creative white bar stools with back with your space and making clear your space can become anything the buyer needs it to be.

These next six décor trends are great ways to add a pop of modern fun into your space and to ensure that buyers see your home has been updated for current times:

  • Curved furniture pieces and mirrors are a huge trend delivering timeless mid-century modern design
  • Vintage and antique touches are making a comeback as the design world is looking for more sustainability 
  • Jewel toned green and pink accents are projected to be on trend in 2022 for home décor, so add a few pops for a modern look buyers will love
  • Mix and match textures in your furniture and beyond for an on trend look that offers buyers a warm and cozy aesthetic
  • Consider adding some dark toned wainscoting to your walls for a moody trend that is eye-catching and bold
  • Add natural elements into your space for a trendy look by utilizing house plants or selecting décor items with ethically sourced materials

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