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Top 10 Steps to open AAE Files

All the information stored in an AAE file is mainly text-based. The data saved in a Microsoft Access database is not visible to external programs and cannot be edited or worked upon by other applications. This means, before it can be used, the AAE file needs to be converted into a format that other programs understand. With Corel WordPerfect Office you can open a Microsoft Access database and edit, delete or add new records to the database.

Steps to Open AAE file in Microsoft Access:

1) Save the document as an ADE file. Microsoft Access cannot directly import an AAE file, so you need to first save it as an ADE (Advantage Database Engine) file. ADE files are saved with the .ADE extension.

2) Open Microsoft Access and click on ‘File’ in the top menu bar to open the File menu. Now, choose ‘Open’. You will now see a dialog box that lists all the available formats that can be opened in Microsoft Access.

3) Select ‘Advantage Database Engine’. This will open an option to select the database file you wish to open. Browse and select the AAE file saved in step 1, click on ‘Ok’ and Microsoft Access will now import your data from the external database.

4) Note that this method only works if there are no macros or Visual Basic code attached to your AAE file. Also, some data stored in the AAE file might not be supported and hence display an error message when you open the Access database.

5) To avoid such errors you can try our free demo version of Corel WordPerfect Office Suite for Mac or Windows. Our application is capable of opening a variety of file formats and can fix errors automatically. Once the issues are fixed it will update the AAE file with the changes. You can then save it as a normal ADE or Access database at your convenience.

6) You can also use our data converter to convert an AAE file to a format compatible with MS Access. Download the trial version of this application and follow these steps.

7) Download and install the program on your system. Launch it and click on ‘Add Files’ to browse and open the AAE file you need to convert. To load multiple files, click on the ‘Bulk Conversion’ option from the bottom of this window.

8) In the ‘Save as Type’ drop-down menu you can select a format to save the file as. Once you have selected the desired file type, click on ‘Start’ to begin the conversion.

9) You will get a ‘Save As’ dialogue box where you need to specify a name and path for your converted Access database. After clicking on save, the program will import all the data from the AAE file and recreate it in a new Access optimized database.

10) You can now open this converted data in MS Access by following step 2 from the previous section. Also, you can save this file as an ADE or Access format if required.

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